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Talentline for Job Seekers

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This month, we launched a new career resource center, Talentline. The new online hub speaks to job seekers looking to refresh their strategy and land that desired dream job.

Stocked with podcasts, videos, info graphics and tip sheets, Talentline provides interview tips including crucial questions to ask, best follow-up practices, and even wardrobe guidelines. First hand narrative features like “Confessions of a Recruiter”gives our online candidate community all of the essential tools for career development.

So, job seekers – check it out! We want to know what you think.

Hiring a Freelancer – What You Need to Know

Flexibility. Independence. Creative variety. Just some of the reasons creative talent decides to move from full-time to freelance employment.

Click below for a close up of those independent wheels turning!

Inside the Mind of a Freelancer

AdWeek: Freelancers are happier

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Celeste Gudas, Founder and CEO of 24 Seven Talent

Celeste Gudas says this is the year where if you’re working in the marketing business, it’s just understood that you have digital skills. But the founder and CEO of recruitment firm 24 Seven adds that while digital integration is changing the nature of everyone’s job, specific digital job skills remain in big demand from agencies. Gudas, whose firm produces an annual Job Salary and Satisfaction Report, spoke to Adweek about the macro trends shaping recruitment today.

Read the full article in AdWeek here.

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