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Teamwork prevails! In our Question of the Week [QOW] we asked, “Who impacts your job satisfaction more, your direct manager or your teammates?

The majority of you at nearly 60% said your teammates impacted your job satisfaction more than your manager or supervisor!

Your teammates are the ones who are in the trenches with you on the day-to-day. Let’s face it, most of us spend more time with our co-workers than any of the other people in our lives…let’s hope they add to our job satisfaction!

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Talent Hardest To Recruit and Highest in Demand

I am sure you have heard about the skills gap that is currently plaguing employers across all industries.  Many employers blame this skills gap for roles that are difficult to fill.

What areas are the hardest to recruit in the Marketing, Digital and Creative space? According to the 24 Seven Salary + Job Market Report there are several, the top five are highlighted below:

1. Design & Creative Services

2. Sales

3. Marketing

4. Digital & Interactive

5. Information Technology


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Skillsets & Cultural Fit

Michael, a marketer in the Beauty world, discusses why he felt more comfortable making his next career move after partnering with 24 Seven.

There are certain skillsets specific to the Beauty industry. Michael was able to work closely with 24 Seven to match those skillsets to companies with talent needs.

For more information on making the RIGHT career move, check out this video – or one of our others!

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How to get the most out of your freelance talent Tip #6

Stay focused

When you work with an effective, talented freelancer, it is tempting to get them working or thinking about other initiatives.  But keep them (and yourself) focused on one project at a time.  Trust us – they will be thrilled to schedule additional work if they know that you reliably stick to deadlines, timetables, and deliverables.


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