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Tips for First Day Success

Reach out to your new boss before your start date.

The period between the time you accept the role and the day you begin can be an anxious one for your new employer – as it might be for you.  There’s always a bit of worry on the part of those who hire that the job candidate might change their mind. Contacting your new manager to express your excitement about joining their team will go a long way.  Plus it’s the perfect opportunity to confirm dress code and to ask if there’s anything in particular you can prepare to ensure you hit the ground running. Trust us – they’ll love that!

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Take your career into your own hands!

This week’s Question of the Week [#QOW] was:

Who’s responsibility is it to keep your skill sets up to date, yours or your employer’s?


We heard from almost 600 of you and 93% of you feel that it is a person’s responsibility to keep his or her own skill sets up to date and relevant rather than the responsibility of the employer!

Make sure to check our site each week for the new question and let us hear what you think!

To keep devoloping your skills – check out one of the many MOOCs available online!

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Top Five Ways To Stay Creative

  1. Take breaks during the day.  Walk away from the computer!
  2. Listen to music.  Mix up your play list on a daily or weekly basis!
  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Take the pressure off and let the ideas flow.
  4. Utilize a notebook.  Make lists, write down your ideas, never miss a chance to jot it down!
  5. Most importantly…HAVE FUN!



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Overheard at WWD Digital L.A.

Mobile addiction is changing our world.” – Steve Yankovic (Vice President, Innovation & New Ventures, eBay Inc)

– The next generation of shoppers have fundamentally different expectations because of mobile phones and tablet devices.

– How companies are empowering their approach to mobile commerce:

  • achieving mobile commerce compatibility
  • incorporating interactive & top-notch web design
  • utilizing digital reach through mobile commerce to capture consumers
  • linking their social media strategy through mobile commerce

Fun Fact: Each day there are more iPhones sold than babies born!

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