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Is your job letting you down?



In our Question of the Week [#QOW] we asked:

Is your current job meeting your expectations, exceeding your expectations, or a let down?

Hundreds of you weighed in and reported that 63% of you were let down by your current job – with only 9% of respondents holding a job they think is surpassing expectations!

Perhaps our hopes are too high? Does your job meet your expectations for the role as you envisioned it or does it fall short? Let us know!

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Tips For First Day Success

Pick up the slack.

Sure, you’re new and you don’t know the ropes yet. But nothing communicates that you’re going to be a team player more than these four magic words: “How can I help?” Make sure you are pitching in from your first day. No job is too small or (hint, hint) beneath you. Remember, if you weren’t the one to do it, someone else would have to.  The message you want to convey is that you want to add value and contribute right away.



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