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Crafting a Killer Resume

Tip #5


The Presentation [Your Pitch]

Consider utilizing an online portfolio platform to further launch your vision. Having an electronic collection of projects or examples of your work can further bolster the “design” you sought to convey with your resume. Where a resume is the traditional format for presenting the experience and skills that make you an ideal candidate for a position, utilizing an online portfolio creates the opportunity for you to exhibit more of your personality and style, those “signature” aspects that set you apart from the competition. You can include the URL to your online portfolio in the contact information section. Below we’ve listed some portfolios most commonly used by the candidates we work with here at 24 seven, but feel free to get creative and include links to your blog, vlog, or YouTube channel (when appropriate, of course)!


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Career Mapping

The second installment of our newest series! Make sure to check back for the next part of our Career Mapping series next Wednesday!

In this segment, Alisa Gould-Simon – Vice President of Creative + Partnerships, Pose sits with us to take us on her career journey. Where did she start? Where is she going? How did she navigate the path.

Watch to find out!

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Freelance Tips: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Plan your time – the most productive freelancers we know tell us one of their secrets is to create to-do lists for both the week and each day.  This keeps them on track with major deliverables while helpfully breaking projects down into smaller daily chunks, making deadlines more achievable.  “My list is how I manage myself.  My frame of mind is that the day is done when the checklist is complete – that way I stay disciplined early on to free up my day later,” one professional explained.  To help juggle deadlines and keep track of your time, consider using project or time management software  – many are available for free or at a very low cost.





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Climbing the Corporate Ladder


In our Question of the Week, this week, we asked, “Should you work less or more as you climb higher on the corporate ladder?”

The overwhelming majority, at just over 75% said that you should work MORE as you climb the corporate ladder, rather than working LESS.

The way you work will change as you progress in your career. You’ll begin to work smarter. But as you become more and more successful – the conversations become more and more strategic. Just because your role focuses less on the day to day duties does not mean that you are working any less.

Every brand needs visionaries.


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