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Freelance Tips: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Set boundaries and limit distractions – with no one looking over your shoulder, it’s a challenge to stay focused and motivated or to keep others from interrupting your work flow.  The traditional workplace once restricted your accessibility, but now friends, family, pets, frivolous screen time, and household tasks compete for your attention.  Set rules for taking personal phone calls, doing the laundry, or checking Facebook during work time.  Be clear with family and friends that even though you’re home, you’re working and you’ll be happy to connect with them when your work day is done. “I have two phone lines – one for home and one for my office,” a freelance writer reported, “During my office hours, my rule is that I don’t answer the home line. I only pick up my office phone because only clients have that number.”  Another helpful suggestion is to set specific times for checking email so that the diversion doesn’t impact critical deliverables for the day.


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Recruiters Reveal Part 2

The second part has arrived!

Laura Pellicano, Freelance Account Manager for our  Marketing, Interactive and Creative division, out of our New York City office, shares her inside tips in “Recruiters Reveal!

This time, Laura talks, “Preparing the Resume & Online Profile!” Make sure to check back in two weeks when she dives into “Navigating the Job Search.”

Each week you can leave your questions for Laura here or tweet them to us @24seventalent and on the next video we will be sure to answer them!

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Freelance Tips: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Establish regular work hours – freelancers enjoy the freedom of deciding when they work.  Some are night owls who prefer to crank projects out while the rest of the world slumbers.  Others are happy with traditional work times. Whatever your preference, decide when you’re “on the clock” so that clients know when they can reach you and personal contacts know when to leave you alone .  “Getting in a regular routine keeps me productive, “ one freelancer explained, “Without that discipline I’ve found that one of two things happen.  I procrastinate and then am in a self-created, stressful crunch to get things done. Or I start to feel like there’s never any downtime.”


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