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Wearable Wednesday: CuteCircuit


Our Wearable Wednesday spotlight is on CuteCircuit. We discovered the London-based fashion house while at SXSW this year. They have been in the design business since 2004, and in 2010 became wearable tech pioneers, creating the first-ever wearable piece. Creative Director Francesca Rosella, and CEO Ryan Genz, the brains behind the outfits, launched CuteCircuit’s Prêt-á-Porter line bringing wearable tech to retailers. Four years later, pop star Katy Perry is rocking their designs for performances and on the red carpet and Nicole Scherzinger just wore the first dress to feature Tweets, designed by CuteCircuit. Each piece made by CuteCircuit is RoHS compliant. This means that there is no lead, Mercury or hazardous material in the designs.


The biggest challenge in wearable tech has been finding this emerging breed of “Fashion Technologists,” people who are tech savvy enough to understand how to integrate it into practical, wearable pieces. Wearable tech is useless unless it can be utilized by the masses. The genius behind it will never catch on unless it makes people’s lives easier. There’s a huge amount of responsibility on CuteCircuit being industry pioneers. Everyone is looking to see what they’ll do next. Sure, they’ve got pop stars sporting their looks, making technology look cool. But, people will be asking how wearable tech relates to them. Are you going to wear a dress that features live Twitter streams to your office? Maybe if you’re trying to rid the world of PowerPoint and create a new trend in delivering information in meetings. We’re looking forward to seeing what CuteCircuit does next. In the meantime we’ve picked this week’s CuteCircuit look for you! We’re looking forward to seeing what CuteCircuit does next.

Be the first wearable techie in the office with The Sparkle Jacket. You’ve spent your whole life dodging sequins because you don’t want to look like a disco ball. Now with CuteCircuit’s creation you can shine in the office without looking like a cabaret star, but the young, fresh professional you are. The technology works by combining an exclusive Italian fabric  and integrating hundreds of LEDs around the collar, creating a mesmerizing effect.

What’s your favorite piece in the line? What would you like to see made that would make your life easier in the world of wearable technology?

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Wearable Wednesday


24 Seven has been diving into wearable tech. This year at SXSWi Wearable Tech dethroned social media as the most talked about. Wearable tech was trending on Twitter and those who were anyone in town were there to learn more about the latest buzz that’s set to takeover our interactive culture and change the way we live. At first Wearable Tech seemed like an untouchable concept, something you would see at the Javits Center and admire while making references to “Back to the Future.” But as a fashion and beauty leader we couldn’t ignore passing ten people on the street, all sporting Pebbles.

We had the opportunity to hear Billie Whitehouse, Art Director and designer of Wearable Experiments, speak at SXSW. Whitehouse is a pioneer in executing wearable tech’s biggest obstacle. If it’s going to fully integrate, wearable tech must have good design; something that’s super smart, yet sustainable in our everyday. Notably something that’s more ‘of the people’ vs. the stir Google Glasses cause whenever someone puts on a pair in public. What we’re seeing now is something Whitehouse calls a ‘design technologist’. “A design technologist understands what makes good design good and knows how to use it from a humanist perspective,” said Whitehouse. For the people! It’s a new dawn for a brand new job market of people who are tech experts, but even better at practical, yet sophisticated design.

If you’re thinking that you can’t wait for wearable tech to evolve to your design sensibilities – this CNET list of the hottest, most wearable tech is sure to make you a techie trend star.

Who’s your style icon or favorite fashion designer and what would you like them to make for you? Comment here or Tweet us!

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SXSW Envy?


24 Seven Talent has got our cowboy boots on and we’re on the ground at SXSW 2014 lookin’ to connect. This blog is dedicated not just to those attending the festival, but our clients and candidates who are busy working in their respective cities. We’ve brainstormed the best of what Texas has to offer and felt we should bring them home to you. Because who doesn’t like tacos, cowboy boots, and being called, “Sugar.”

Here are some great creative taco recipes you can make at home:





THE TACONE (yes, it’s a cone!) 


Fun things from South Under:

These boots were made for turning heads: Just because you’re not south of the Mason Dixon doesn’t mean you can’t rock a pair of boots. This here is the GIRL’S GUIDE TO WEARING COWBOY BOOTS.

Men, ya’ll think we forget you? Why no, Sir. This here is THE MAN’S MAN GUIDE TO COWBOY VACATIONS.

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