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Is Nike Pulling Out Of The Wearable Tech Market?  


Nike has recently come under suspicion for a ‘Just Don’t Do It’ attitude when it comes to wearable tech. Although corporate is continuing to promote the current Nike FuelBand model, it has become clear they’re not creating a future generation. With all the wearable fitness devices coming on the market, Nike never owned the space. Plus, in the last 12 months, Nike has laid off several employees in their FuelBand department. Strange, it’s not like Nike to back down.

Eyes turned towards Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, who is a FuelBand fan. Cook sits on the board at Nike and has been spotted sporting the FuelBand at numerous public events. Plus, Apple has hired some of Nike’s top wearable technologists over the last two years. Nike and Apple are already co-branded. It would make sense that the technology giant and the fitness gods collaborate. Our eyes are on the iWatch, which is currently being developed. We’re hoping that whatever Nike and Apple do, it causes a craze. Here’s to living in the future!

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Wearable Wednesday


The Top 5 Wearables of the week: 

Happy Wearable Wednesday 24 Seven Talent-ers. We’ve got some innovations that are sure to thrill. Some are coming out this spring and summer. We’re talking wireless headphones, devices that can find your favorite misplaced shoes, and others that protect you from the sun. Get excited.

Baubles and Bangles is worn on the wrist and is a built-in air purifier. It takes in polluted air with carbon filters and recycles clean air back out to the atmosphere.

Trackable Couture Lost your favorite sweater? Now you can find it! Hopefully it won’t be in your BFF’s closet.

The Jaybird Out this Spring the Jaybird doesn’t just tell you about your workout, it monitors your day-to-day and tells you the best times that you should be working out and how. It also tracks your sleep patterns, alerting you to when you need more rest.

The Dash Wireless headphones that also track your heart rate, steps, and caloric burn. Plus, the sound quality is supposed to rock. Here’s to some sweet stepping.

The June Bracelet Outdoor types, rejoice. The June tracks your sun exposure, and advises on how to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. We know you know this but to reiterate, too much sun exposure causes premature aging. It also results in skin cancer. This is a very important innovation and we’re thrilled to see it arrive on the market.

Stay tuned for our next post about how Nike is allegedly straying away from wearables. Too much with Apple on their tail or did the FitBit Force recall scare them off? Check back!

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Bring Your Own Device


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is infiltrating workplaces. Most employees love it, however some managers don’t. They think: how am I supposed to create company culture when everyone is on their own device? There’s a loss of uniform flow from the top.   User’s are going to consume wearable tech in their private lives and expect it on the job. Wearables are transitioning into the space where soon, devices will be part of making the workday more efficient. Google Glass isn’t at an advanced enough stage to help your company run smoother, yet. However, Smartphone technology has advanced so rapidly, it will only be a year or two before we start seeing Glasses used as a tool to drive the workplace.

The biggest concern surrounding BYOD is some IT professionals feel it can create a potential security breach. Don’t operate from a place of fear, but collaboration. If you see an employee with wearable tech, it could be the future of growing your profit margins. Engage co-workers and employees about their devices. Find out why they like using them. Ask them where they see the technology taking us. You’d be delighted by the responses you get and how passionate people are about their tech!

Here are the wearables that can help you be a better manager, employee, friend and co-worker:

Has Epson out-done Google with their version of ‘the glass’? The tech is off the charts and even better, it’s more affordable: EPSON SMART GLASSES.

Introducing: LOGBAR : a simple silver ring that acts as a bluetooth device. Available for purchase through Kickstarter, it can enable you to write text messages with your finger in the air.

Tech In Motion  is a great space for our fashion and beauty candidates to keep tabs on. They’re creating everything from traceable shoulder bags to coffee cups that keep odors locked in.

If you really want to know how your employees feel. This LED MOOD SWEATER  will tell you! That is, if your company culture abides.

The CUFF is especially dynamic, because it incorporates sleek design with technology. The jewelry doesn’t look like wearables and has advanced technology to send out an alert to the authorities or family members in cases of assault. Think about how this covert technology can change the way your company operates.

Anything on your radar? Tweet at us or comment here!

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