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Clever Typography To Spark Your Mind

Innovative fonts and typefaces are, in some cases, what sets an average designer apart from one who can transform the face of art, setting trends across museum spaces, interiors, and product design. We took to Pinterest to choose our favorite uses of type and how words take on new dimensions. 
That’s some creative juice. 
An artistic celebration of what fuels us. 
Big brands hire some smart artists.
Simple and smart.
Opposites are one in the same
Stay tuned for our upcoming post where we share eye-catching type used by big brands as well as small companies.
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Wearable Wednesday

At 24 Seven Talent, our eyes are on the latest wearable innovations. Having bought you a steady stream of our “picks of the week”, we’re now bringing you the latest news and innovations about to break. Here’s what’s going on in the Wearables World this Wednesday:

Take pictures without touching a camera:

Google Camera App

Just tap a button on your smartwatch and snap pictures through your phone or tablet. We’ve seen this capability with smartwatches like the Pebble, but now Google has just updated its Google Camera app to add support for Android Wear. How it works: all you have to do is open the Google Camera app on your phone. Your Android Wear device will then display a card for remote capture. From there, you can touch an enlarged shutter button to snap a pic. There’s a countdown; the phone takes the picture, and then a preview image appears right on your wrist.

Beware, Amazon’s Fire Phone Is Not So Friendly to Wearables


The first-generation phone doesn’t support Bluetooth Smart. If you’re a wearable warrior, up-to-date on the latest tech, you’ll want to stay away from the Fire for now. Very unusual for Amazon, whose site has its own section dedicated to wearables and the FitBit Flex is one of their best sellers across all departments.

Apple Has Star Athletes Testing The iWatch: 


Apple is hitting up hockey stars, baseball heroes, and the NBA to get feedback on its iWatch prototype. There’s a reason they targeted Kobe Bryant, the world’s fifth highest-paid athlete, who has huge pull as a global brand ambassador. Bryant can reach fans as far as China and beyond. Sounds like a sweet deal for both Apple and the NBA.

Google and Alcon are launching the first smart contact lens. The lenses don’t only improve eyesight, but help diabetics monitor their blood sugar.

Smart Lenses

Which innovation are you most excited about? Comment here or Tweet us. 

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3D Printed Jewelry

Goncalo Campos designs his pieces on the computer and prints them in steel. There are more pieces in the collection including statement rings and a rockin’ pendant.

3-D Steel

Platonix and Boreal are the hippest, hottest 3D jewels you can strut around in. Platonix, printed in nylon, features innovative geometric shapes available in 4D colors. Boreal is comprised of never-seen-before 3D printed wood and offers up a more traditional style function.

Triangular Necklace3D Printed Wood

We discovered This 3-D Printed Raw Bronze Statement ring on Etsy and immediately said, “yes.”

3D Printed Ring

Also found on Etsy, these abstract 3-D printed “mod chic” necklaces are made from, plastic, nylon, copper, and aluminum.

The artist creations come in an array of designs and it’s up to you to discover what their shapes mean to you.

Funky Necklace

Share these pieces with people in your networks. Supporting these original- thinking independent artists will help them flourish while you earn style for miles.

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Creative Workspaces to Spark Your Passions

We spend so much time on the job, our workspaces need to spark our creativity, passions, and make us want to innovate. If you’re founding a start-up, you can paint your canvas, but for most of us, we can’t control our office decor. You can, however, control your desk. Make your own picture frames. Hang images that trigger your inspirations. Take a pottery class and make your own clay pots to grow plant life, or hold something that symbolizes your accomplishments. There are some clever people out there thinking up ways to work in fun, pretty spaces, without all the cost.

When welcoming a client or a candidate to your work what’s the first thing you want them to see? How do you want them to feel? Think about what represents your company culture. Sometimes all it takes is a smile and a simple…


The ‘workplace family’. What would your company crest say?

Office Crest

Take commonplace eyesores and make them appealing with wall decals or paint.

Office Wall Art

All those cords from your devices don’t have to be daunting.

Extension Cord Art

Group tasks can be ticked off in a visualizing appealing way too.

wall Calendar

And your favorite quotes and mottos can be displayed inexpensively, like this one on sheets of paper.

Post It Poster

Share your design ideas and stories of cool work spaces with us here or on Twitter! And keep looking out for our office interior series. We’ve got Pinterest to thank!

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Fashion Friday

Today’s Fashion Friday at 24 Seven Talent is all about making your Summer 2014 work wardrobe a hit. This week we’ve decided to play with bold patterns for men and women, and hone in on how to use accessories to turn a colorless outfit into a conversation piece.

Play with patterns and couple them with solids. We love a man in pink, and if you’ve got the right kind of swagger it’s a very masculine color.

Brights for Men

Stripes and bright-patterned pants are making the most-desired rounds. We like the idea of pairing them together, as well as working them with chunky tiered necklaces and solids.

Stripes and Patterns

These looks speak summer. Sure, you’re not going to wear them all at once, but each day try to incorporate brights into your look. You’ve got plenty of time for grays and blacks. After all, there’s thirty days in January.

Color Men

If you’ll never be sold on color, as many urban chic professionals aren’t, then here are ways to make your wardrobe pop. Fun rings, fancy bags (hello, eBay), and playful necklaces serve has brighteners.

Women accessories

What look made you want more? Tweet us your favorite looks and suggestions to be part of our #FashionFriday Twitter discussion!

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