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Be Inspired By The Most Creative Office Spaces

Painting or decaling from the bottom of the wall over the tops of the ceiling gives the illusion of deeper, more expansive space.

Ceiling Lines

The parameters that define the word, “office cubicle” don’t have to be boring! This is a clever way to create collaborative workspace.

Large Cube

Boost morale with office maps where employees can pin their future and past vacation destinations. It can helps conversations thrive amongst employees about positive life experiences outside of the office.

Global Destinations

Ideas for a sustainable office, or one that has recyclable, eco-friendly, elements is a plus. For example, this wood plank reception desk is handmade and creates a simple and sleek element within the space.

Recycled wood plank desk

If you have a lot of window space try creating an area of fragmented colors. You can draw inspiration from the primaries, or go with different photography filters such as black and white, sepia and infrared.

Colored Glass

A little inspiration from Nike’s HQ: branded picnic tables. If your company isn’t a retailer, what are the words that power your team?

Nike Office

Keep a lookout for our design and typography inspiration series. We’ll be running pieces here, the entire month of August!

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24 Seven Style: Best Dressed at The 2014 Emmy Awards and The VMAs!

January Jones in Prabal Gurung

January Jones in Prabel Gurung was our absolute favorite. She looks stunning in garnet, the birthstone of January babies.

Gwen Stafani in Versace

It’s hard to rock white so close to Labor Day, but Gwen Stefani does it in Versace

Teyonah Parris in Christian Siriano

Teyonah Parris in Christian Serriano had the most creatively beautiful gown.


Beyonce in Nicolas Jerban at the 2014 VMAs. Committed to “The House of Bey” image, always classy and classic.

Katy Perry in Versace

Katy Perry looking denim rocker chic with fantastic red lipstick in Versace.

Arianna Grande in Jeremy Scott

Ariana Grande went full on Princess-of-Pop meets The Rolling Stones in this leather number by Jeremy Scott. Check out the video of what her dress used to look like here.

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Motivation You’re Ready For

We’re integrating our love of great typography with our passion for positivity. We’re here to remind you, our clients and candidates, of your value as an employee and in your personal life; because you deserve to be happy in and out of the office.

Sometimes we don’t go after the things we want because we make excuses. Could be fear of success or an underlying worry that you’re not ready. You are. And, the best part about being good is that there is only one ‘you’, making you hard to compete with.

If Not Now

You only think you’re not a screenwriter. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. You decide how your movie plays out and how much star power you have.

Life Is Like A Movie

Sometimes it’s hard when other people don’t listen. It’s trying when people are unfair. But you’re the class act who will always…

Rise Above It

What pays the bills is not always going to be what fuels your soul. Respect your paycheck and give your job everything but never give up on your passion. You can do both.

Don't Quit Your Day Dream

What’s your mantra?

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Retro Logos: The Soda Can Edition

We’ve shared with you our favorite type design, and now we’re getting into what we love the most: vintage design and sugar. Soda has long been a fan favorite in terms of taste and eye candy. Pop evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia in all of us and brands have taken advantage, making their cans iconic.

Anyone remember these early 90’s Pepsi cans? Think: teenagers playing Pearl Jam and The Counting Crows, when the original Beverly Hills 90210 was the only option, and when the name, ‘Kardashian’, meant OJ Simpson’s lawyer.

This Sprite can is winning. We find it way more charming than the current options. Especially, “It’s A Natural.”

Sprite Can

Someone saved this Mountain Dew Can from the 1960’s. We’re loving the cartoon cowboy, but, in today’s society, the gun would be a risk brands can’t take.

Mt. Dew

These 7Up cans say disco & design.


7 Up #2

Dr. Pepper, with its 70’s stripes.

Dr. Pepper

And Coke has always kept it fun, especially now with the name can campaign. Here’s a quick look back at our favorite designs.



1980s Coke Can

Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke Bottle

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The 5 Beauty Apps (And Sites!) That Make Looking Good Easy.

Beautiq is where beauty comes to you. Get everything from color, waxing and extensions in the comfort of your home. With services starting at $30 and up, it’s an accessible luxury for every beauties’ wallet


With Pretty In My Pocket you can scan barcodes on products and see what people are saying about them. You can also review your faves and get connected with other product-lovers in your network:

Pretty In My Pocket

Modiface, virtual makeover was made for professionals. Just upload your headshot and the app allows you to precisely apply your makeup. After you’re done, choose what looks you like and the app will direct you to where you can find your favorite products.


Byrdie is THE beauty site that goes perfectly with your cup of coffee in the morning. Excellent for inspiration and information on trends and ancient techniques.


Perfect 365 is your beauty go-to when you want  to fake it till you make it. Upload your photo and use Perfect 355 to get rid of dark circles, lengthen your lashes, and adjust color tones.


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