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24 Seven Talent Picks: The Best Of Paris Fashion Week, Street Style

We continue our fashion series today by turning our eyes to Paris Fashion Week. The Street Style at shows is even better than the runway. Let’s take a look at who was attending these shows and just what they wore. These looks are from both February 2014 and September 2014 shows. 
There’s no better advertisement. 
Image: VIA 
Feminine power in blue. 
Rubber Blue
Image: VIA
This is so chic. Repeat. 
Leather chic
Image: VIA 
Now, this is how to eat a cookie. 
Cookie Chic
Image: VIA
Everything is black and white.
Black and white
Image:  VIA
Denim and Floral
Image: VIA 
Nothing like a leather piece for the ages.
Brown Leather
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Reinvent Your Space DIY-style

Your surroundings stimulate your mind and your home should be a place that lifts your spirits and makes you feel safe. Our design series continues on, giving you tips that keep you keeping on!

Raise a glass to a new art project that’s also sustainable. You can make this heart from wine corks. Reuse. Revitalize.

Heart cork


This, another great space saver. Repurposed wood that works as a table or shelving.

Table #1

Table #2


Upholster your own headboard! It takes some time and TLC, but well worth the price. And, you get to customize your own pattern.



More creative DIY headboard ideas. We just can’t get enough.

DIY Headboards


It’s amazing what you can do with old doors and windows!

Door #1

Door #2


What’s your favorite DIY project?

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Interior Magic: 24 Seven’s Space and Design Savers

We turn our design blog series to interiors today.

Small apartments can be made luxurious by lofting. Not all loft beds need to look like a youth hostel. This could seem expensive but if you’re crafty with DIY or know someone who is, this makes for a great alternative for small studio spaces.

Loft Space


Save space in your kitchen with hanging mason jars.

Mason Jars


People who store bikes in their homes, this is a great way to have your ride serve as an art piece when you’re not on the road.

Bike Savers


We’re a big fan of the spine bookcase. They look great and hold a ton of reading material. They’re the sleekest and most space-efficient design.

Book shelves


Storage beds are great for large and small spaces. If you like to hang onto things but don’t want to over display, Or if you happen to have a lot of clothes, that too!

Storage Bed


If you’re renting you can always make your bathroom more appealing with some wallpaper and mirrors.

Fun Bathroom


And, for the grand finale: storage stairs.

Stairs #1

Stairs #2


What makes your space special?


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24 Seven’s Fall Foodie Favorites

No matter where our clients and candidates live, it’s still Autumn. Yes, even for you, Los Angeles. Just because the temperatures are dipping doesn’t mean you have to frown. Fall foods are a sweet comfort and we’ve discovered some recipes to warm your hearts.

Tell us you wouldn’t turn it out at a brunch party with these baked apple and yogurt treats. Served in a martini glass, no less.


As much as we love candy apples on a stick, these caramel slivers are not to be missed.

Caramel slivers

Stay with us now, but this recipe of hot chocolate and red wine is set to make you want to find and fireplace and get cozy, STAT.

hot chocolate

Apple Cinnamon Butternut Squash Soup, thank you.

pumpkin soup

Whole wheat pumpkin pancakes takes the guilt out of everything.


These oven baked zucchini fries are so good, we started making them in the summer.


This caramel apple-spice float is the tops.

Apple drink

Did you think we were going to leave you hanging with those caramel slivers? Behold, peanut butter stuffed gourmet caramel apples:

candy apples

We’ll be back for more of our foodie faves. Want your recipe included in our next edition? Well then, drop us a line in the comments and we’ll get right on it!

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Neon Turn-on

You loved our vintage neon exploration so much, we decided to go all out, researching the most clever integration of type and neon made by artists. These are our favorites.

Inspiration and smart typography in one.


It’s all how you look at things.


That is all.


If you can remind yourself of this, you’ll live a full life.


Sweet way of integrating street art and neon. But, be careful who you say this to.

Take Me

Always be one.


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