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Raise Your ‘Office Mood’

It doesn’t matter you’re not making a million (yet) or even that you’re not working out of your dream city. Make the most of what you’ve got today. It can be as basic as cheering up your desk.



Color goes a long way on a sunny or grey day.



It’s pretty easy to buy flowers to perk up your day. Plus, a DIY vase project makes your mood even prettier.



If you can, paint the walls. This is a basic design, but you can go big. This artist also painted the chair. Little things make a big happy difference.



Sometimes a relatable mantra is a remarkable thing to fuel you. By Weiden & Kennedy.



If you can get your bosses to pitch in and do what Neos Creative, did here, then kudos. It takes some planning and Saturdays, but you can’t have a bad meeting with vibrant graphics surrounding your space.



This is was done by an interior designer, but one of our candidates is replicating it on her own, DIY-style for her home office. She’s using wood found at secondhand furniture stores.


What makes your interior work space special? Share it with us!

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Fall Foodie Faves Part 3

Our Fall Foodies Faves are back! It’s time you got cookin’.

Cheesy Garlic

Cheesy Garlic Bread, perfect for the cold weather. Perfect for the heat. Just well, perfect.


Cantelope Grilled Cheese

Cantaloupe grilled cheese. So you can feel satisfied and refreshed at the same time.



Strawberry, balsamic, basil and brie grilled cheese. Now, is the time to tantalize those taste buds for a legit tongue twister.



Get this Caramel Apple Blondie Cheesecake. We say, don’t share.


French Onion Soup

The French Onion Soup Sandwich. Where do we go from here? Have we peaked in recipe research?


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.41.41 AM

Gingerbread waffles with cinnamon butter. A nice start or end to a crisp Autumn day.

What’s your favorite food? Let us know and we’ll include it in the next round!


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Inspirational Home Offices

Whether you work from home 24/7 or hardly ever, a space to call your ‘creative zone’ at home is a great idea. At a minimum a desk at your place is there just in case you get inspired by a passion project. We’ve picked our favorite looks to bring out some ideas for your special space.

Love Your Job or make it the job you want it to be.

Love your Job

Image VIA

The great thing about a home office is that it’s your space. Create a wall of photos of whatever you want.


Image VIA

We’ve tossed out the travel wall idea before. This works, especially if you want to be daring and do wallpaper.

World View

Image VIA

If you’re looking to save space, then a ‘pod desk is a great idea.

Pod Desk

Image VIA

We appreciate the pink and grey color combo and especially the disco ball. Think: after every goal accomplished, dim lights and a spin.


Image VIA

Sometimes all it takes to make a home office pop is a framed print.

Framed print

Have a really small space? Loft the office!


Image VIA

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3D Shoe Closet

Imagine your closet was filled with only 3D printed shoes. We canvased the market and these are what your options would be. Ready to walk?

They call this ‘the exoskeleton’.


Image VIA


Okay, perhaps this has an ounce of practicality.

iPhone Case

Image VIA


These look like spilled milk, but are branded the “cry baby”.

Cry baby

Image VIA


In terms of design, these have mass appeal.

White shoes

Image VIA


Imagine flying in these.


Image VIA


Great for New Year’s Eve if you didn’t feel like walking.


Image VIA


There we go, finally some 3D printed comfort.


Image VIA


Which pair would you wear to work to start a conversation?

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The Most Inspiring Office Spaces

Our office interior series is making a comeback. We’ve decided these looks are setting the bar most company owners should aspire to. And we’re giving you the go to start improving your company’s environment. DIY projects can brighten up your desk and your day.

Never disappointing, Google’s got a way of going through presentations.


Image VIA


This marketing agency knows it can’t get away with beige carpets.

Marketing agency

Image VIA


Working so much you’re slacking on your fitness? No more excuses says this Turkey-based dot com.

Fitness track

Image VIA


We’ve shown you the possibility of tree house offices before, and here’s another one located in Pennsylvania, complete with tranquil pools.

Tree House

Image VIA


The OC-based Quicksilver has it’s employees living its brand.


Image VIA


This Toronto-based digital communications agency uses air streams for specific meeting purposes throughout its office.

Air Stream

Image VIA


Have you got an inspirational office? Let us know and we’ll include you in the next post!

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