How to Find a Job Around the Holidays

get a job for the holidays

Anyone who has searched for a job around the holidays has undoubtedly heard things like “Companies never hire at the end of the year,” or “You have to find a job before November.” And there are some convincing reasons that these phrases are circulating around the rumor mill. Executives are taking vacations, hiring managers are conducting annual reviews, and accounting is reevaluating the budget.

So what do you do if you find yourself jobless around the holidays?

Don’t give up yet

24 Seven’s Executive Vice President of Recruitment, Tammy Chatkin, says the notion of companies not hiring during the holidays is a silly, old-fashioned way to think. Although in some industries hiring does slow down towards the end of the year, all hope is not lost.

A lot of people hold the same belief that hiring halts during the holidays so they put their own job search on pause and wait for the shiny New Year to bring them shiny new job opportunities. This means less applications rolling into hiring managers mailboxes, so there is a greater chance that yours will actually be seen!

Even at 24 Seven, our recruiters don’t see an influx of resumes during the holidays so they are able to spend more time going over the ones they do receive. Again, this increases your chances of being paired with that dream job you’ve been waiting for.

Use holiday events as networking opportunities

Remember the Executive that was nice enough to have an informational interview with you but no job offer came about? Or the CEO who reposted your image of her book on Instagram? The holidays are the perfect time to rekindle these relationships. Remind these people that you’re still there by sending a happy holidays note.

Does your friend or significant other have a company holiday party coming up? See if you can tag along and use it to leverage your job search and exchange information with attendees. Even if you don’t meet Mr. I’m Hiring, that person might know someone who knows someone who is hiring. It’s safe to say that the more people you know the better your chances of finding that dream job for the New Year. Some industries actually have the highest demand over the holidays like eCommerce, retail, event planning, etc.

If you’re still looking for ways to network, you can attend holiday meet-ups at and People tend to be happier and in the giving spirit around the holidays so you’re likely to get authentic help during this time.

Use temporary positions to get your foot in the door

As previously mentioned, there are a few industries that amp up hiring efforts towards the end of the year for seasonal help. 24 Seven was looking for experienced retail candidates for Black Friday and we’re still on the hunt for Brand Ambassadors who can bring that holiday cheer to events nationwide, (click HERE for seasonal job openings). We’ve had countless candidates who have turned their temporary jobs into full-time careers. There’s no reason it can’t happen to you!

It might not be your dream job, but there’s a good chance that a long-term professional relationship will be formed when you say yes to opportunities that come your way. This opportunity might be the big break you need so you can hit the ground running come the New Year.


Do you have a job for the holidays? What is it? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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Written by: Chanel Devetter

One thought on “How to Find a Job Around the Holidays

  1. Trudy says:

    Actually, I work on retail and just takes the whole energy out me, however I find myself applying to jobs more aggressively since I hope my resume will be view, assuming there is less resume traffic, as mentioned in this article.

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