The ONE Thing That Will Help You Dominate in 2017

how to dominate 2017

By now we are well aware of the fact that there are plenty of ways to start fresh in the New Year. So much so that it is safe to say the expression “New Year, New You” is a bit redundant. We also know that halfway through January New Year motivation fades and you’re left in the same place you were in 2016. That’s exactly what we want you to avoid which is why we’ve come up with the one thing that will help you dominate in 2017:

The ONE Thing.

Yes, you read that right, the one thing that will keep your career in gear is a book called The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. Without being a #spoileralert, The ONE Thing assures us that we can conquer just about anything by asking ourselves the focusing question:

What’s the one thing I can do right now, such that by doing so, will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

It’s a simple question that can have an enormously powerful impact. Asking ourselves this question will prevent us from feeling overwhelmed when we don’t reach our goals exactly on their target dates. This question also helps us to prioritize what we should be doing versus what we want to be doing. Most of the time what we want to be doing, i.e. sleeping in, going on social media, skipping our workout, staying quiet in meetings, is just the opposite of what we should be doing.

The things that make you uncomfortable, that you sometimes fear or want to avoid are the things that will ultimately help you dominate 2017.

Getting started

The first step to killing it in 2017 is to make an action list, not to be confused with a to-do list. To-do lists are filled with things we want to do, but most likely we don’t get around to doing them. Action lists are packed with actionable items we can do right now such as, “submit resume to xyz as opposed to “apply for 3 jobs” which is something that would be found on a to-do list.  The more specific your action list the better.

You want to make the items on your action list answer the question, ‘What’s the one thing I can do right now that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?’ So, find your top 3 things that will make your other things easier or unnecessary and start executing!

Things to keep in mind…

Opportunity will not fall in your lap and if you want to reach your goals in 2017, you have to prioritize doing what will help you get there. This means cutting your to-do list down from 10 things to the 1-3 things that will give you the highest results.

Think about it, if your one thing for 2017 is to get a new job yet “do laundry” is at the top of your to-do list, that’s not going to get you where you want to go, is it?  As stated in The ONE Thing, 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts. And that 20% does not include doing laundry… though that is important too!


Now we want to know, what’s the ONE thing you want to achieve professionally in 2017 and what’s the ONE thing you can do right now to help you achieve it? Tell us in the comments!

Written by: Brittany Johnston

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