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Overheard from Inbound:

IMG_1203Hubspot, the well known marketing software platform, kicked off its annual conference, Inbound, last week with the largest showing to date. Nearly 15,000 sales and marketing professionals attended the 4 daylong conference, held at the Massachusetts Convention Center in Boston. Inbound brings bright minds together to discuss the pillars and best practices of inbound marketing, a concept that Hubspot has built its enterprise on, as well as explore the future of the business climate. With the tagline “Come Together. Get Inspired. Be Remarkable.” there is a very strong sense of community at Inbound; the conference provides a unique opportunity to meet and network with peers, and learn from other professionals in the field. It’s also a really good time!

This year’s conference boasted an impressive array of speakers; from comedians Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer to the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea Clinton, as well as entrepreneurs Sophia Amoruso (Founder of Nasty Gal) and Jonah Peretti (Co-Founder and CEO of BuzzFeed), to name a few. This year’s conference was definitely one for the books, but, for those of you who couldn’t make it, 24 Seven’s team has provided some exciting takeaways.

There was much to learn over the 170+ educational lectures, with topics ranging from “The 30 Minute Marketing Plan” to “How to be a Disaster on Twitter” but the seminar that resonated the most with our team was, Dr. Carmen Simon’s address “Neuroscience of Memorable Content”. Dr. Simon is a cognitive scientist and co-founder of Rexi Media, a company focused on educating businesses about different ways to transform presentations. Dr. Simon began her talk by unnerving the roughly 500 marketers in the room stating that, “People forget up to 90% of the content we share with them.” Essentially, our customers only remember about 10% of what we put in front of them.

In the marketing space, this statistic presents a huge issue and the question arises, how can we create something that WILL be remembered?

First you need to decide what you want the customer to walk away with. Develop the answer to this and you have the goal of your marketing agenda. Simon explained that attention paves the way for memory, so, when we pay attention to something, we commit it to memory, and we then make a decision.  We have to break through habituation, or the process of a diminished cognitive response to a frequently occurring stimulus, and get our audience’s attention. She pressed for attendees to remember that habituation kills marketing.

Modern audiences are overexposed to stimuli, with social media at every turn and numerous devices at our fingertips. How, then, can marketers make sure that audiences aren’t looking elsewhere? In order to ensure your brand is remembered, Dr. Simon stated, change the stimuli and add elements of surprise to keep things interesting. People forget things when there is too much similar content, so create some differentiation to ensure your story is the one that’s recalled. Simon noted that people are also more likely to remember something they have a personal connection to. Content that is interactive and evokes a reaction by involving the viewer will be more successful. Don’t overwhelm your audience, keep it simple.

Want more? Check out for more information. Our team at 24 Seven hopes to see you there next year!IMG_1280

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Mad Men in NYC : The End of an Era


Don Draper Way – 6th Avenue and West 50th Street/ Photo credit : Michelle Kinney

 By Michelle Kinney      

As Mad Men enters its final season on April 5, AMC and creator Matt Weiner have been busy touring New York City for the classiest send-off of any television series in recent history. From giant glasses of scotch outside Madison Square Garden, endless billboards and bus ads, to a three month long Mad Men exhibit at The Museum of the Moving Image kicked off by Mr. Weiner himself. Flawless advertising to end a television drama about advertising.

Mad Men is the 21st century phenomenon that put AMC on the map. It transported us back in time to the year 1960. An era not-so-long ago, but far enough in the rear view mirror for us to fully realize the evolution of women in the workplace. During the 1960s, women made up a small percentage if the workforce. An even smaller percentage held management or executive titles. In Season 2, Episode 5, Bobbie Barrett leans over to a young Peggy Olson and advises “You’re never gonna get that corner office until you start treating Don as an equal. And no one will tell you this, but you can’t be a man. Don’t even try. Be a woman. Powerful business when done correctly. Do you understand what I’m saying, dear?” The kind of dialogue that leaves you clapping and cheering from your couch. Fast forward to much more progressive 2015.  Despite our current gender pay gap, women now make up more than half of the professional and technical workforce United States!

Mad Men is also the show that made the Old Fashioned and Canadian Club “cool” again. And thanks to the seamless storytelling of costume designer Janie Bryant, we began to see the reemergence of a-line circle skirts, wiggle dresses, tight-fitted suits, and pocket squares.

So when we read that creator Matt Weiner and the cast of Mad Men would be unveiling a secret statue outside the Time & Life Building in Manhattan, I knew we had to be there to check it out.

I arrived to The Time & Life Building at 8:30 this morning along side countless fans and a hefty number of press corps.  The statue was safely hidden inside a large, bright, red box with the words “END OF AN ERA.” Indeed.


The event began around 10:00 am. The Mad Men theme song was played over the loud speaker as the cast, creative, and executives arrived. In attendance was creator Matt Weiner, cast members Jon Hamm, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, and John Slattery. Despite the freezing temperatures they all looked quite dapper!


Jon Hamm / Photo credit : Michelle Kinney


John Slattery and Matt Weiner / Photo credit : Michelle Kinney



The fabulous shoes of Mad Men cast members. Photo credit : Michelle Kinney


Matt Weiner, Elisabeth Moss, and January Jones capturing the moment. Photo credit : Michelle Kinney

AMC President Charlie Collier was in attendance and added his remarks just moments before the big reveal. “For our mad men and women, this building represented a fresh start and was a symbol that their new, off-Madison Avenue advertising agency had arrived. For the brilliant creator of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner, authenticity is king, so every detail of the show, from the architecture to the furniture to the views from Don Draper’s corner office on the 37th floor, all of it was true to 1960s New York.”


Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, January Jones, and Jon Hamm / Photo credit : Michelle Kinney


Matt Weiner, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, and January Jones. / Photo credit : Michelle Kinney


John Slattery, Matt Weiner, Christina Hendricks, January Jones, and Jon Hamm / Photo credit : Michelle Kinney


Jon Hamm posing with the iconic Mad Men statue. / Photo credit : Michelle Kinney


Photos and content :  Michelle Kinney



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The Best 3-D Printed Gift Ideas

We’re here to inspire you this holiday season. These 3-D pieces are office favorites and could make great gifts for your friends, loved ones or even yourself!

This necklace is original without being too over the top.

Image 1

Image VIA


For the designer on your list, hand cut type.

Image 2

Image VIA


Not your average box of chocolates. Behold, 3-D Printed Candy.

image 3

Image VIA


The LIX, the world’s smallest 3-D printing pen that lets you draw in the air.

Image 4

Image VIA


3-D Printed Lens Hoods

Image 5

Image VIA


Of course we can’t ignore the 3-D printed selfies. Take your Instagram to the next level.

Image 6

Image VIA


For the animal lover, these 3-D printed replicas mean no creature was harmed.

Image 7

Image VIA


You’d be the most popular gift-giver with this ping pong table.

Image 8

What’s your favorite 3-D innovation?


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