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Creative Talent Wants To Feel The Love


In this week’s Creativity Issue of AdAge, they featured some key findings from 24 Seven’s 2013 Salary and Job Market Report. In the past as the era of Digital talent took over, it was easy for Creative talent to feel unappreciated. This trend seems to be changing, with Creative Talent being more in demand than in previous years, after all, it is all about the next big idea! 72% of creative executives saw their total compensation increase and salaries rose at an average of 5.5%.

But it isn’t all about the money. Creatives want to feel the love! Corporate culture, leadership, soft benefits, and a clear career path are all major benefits that lead to satisfaction. For many, it is more important to work on meaningful projects and feel valued.

“There’s a shift in how satisfaction is being measured by talent,” says Celeste Gudas, CEO and Founder of 24 Seven.

To read the full article in AdAge click  here.

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This week…


We asked if you ever posted anything on social media that became an embarrassment or problem for you professionally…hundreds of you let us know.  Over 95% of you said NO you’ve never posted something that led to a professional embarrassment.

We are so happy you’re using your judgment when interacting on your social networks but not everyone is so savvy. The people in this video made by DICE weren’t so lucky – check out these great social media FAIL stories and tell us what you think!

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AdWeek: Freelancers are happier

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Celeste Gudas, Founder and CEO of 24 Seven Talent

Celeste Gudas says this is the year where if you’re working in the marketing business, it’s just understood that you have digital skills. But the founder and CEO of recruitment firm 24 Seven adds that while digital integration is changing the nature of everyone’s job, specific digital job skills remain in big demand from agencies. Gudas, whose firm produces an annual Job Salary and Satisfaction Report, spoke to Adweek about the macro trends shaping recruitment today.

Read the full article in AdWeek here.

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