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Culture Hunting: What’s right for me?

CompanyCulture_BlogImage_24SevenMaking a cultural match has become one of the most important factors for millennials when it comes to the job hunt. That being said, how do you know what corporate culture is right for you? To take it one step further, how do you even begin to understand the culture of a company before you’ve started to work there?

First let’s start with some basic questions to ask yourself. Before you can decide on what culture you want, you need to understand what work environments you thrive in. Our friends at The Muse suggest asking yourself “What Motivates Me?” This may seem like an obvious question, but have you ever really thought about the answer before? Think about a time when you were extremely productive, was there anything special about the situation? Were you working as part of a group or solo? Did you have a quick deadline or a generous amount of time? All ofthese questions will help you find an optimal work environment.

Being productive is just one half of the equation. There’s no point in churning out work if you are miserable. The next question to ask yourself is, “What makes me happy?” Again, this is a general question that you will need to break down in order to fully understand which work environment best suits you. The Muserecommends doing some backward thinking with this question. For example, are you a morning person? Do you want a lax workplace? Maybe you are happier in a more structured environment. All of these things will be central to finding out where your sweet spot is.

Now that you have the answers to these questions you may be thinking “Ok I know what I want but how do I figure out if a company is the right fit for me?”

A really quick and painless way to get an idea of a company’s culture is to check out their website. This will usually be able to tell you the company size and their business style. Be sure to read the “About” section on the webpage to get an idea of the company history and their goals for the future-you may also find a mission statement that explains company ideals.

Another indicator is location. When you go for your interview take time to walk around and note the surrounding areas. Also pay attention to the office inside. Is it light and airy? Are the desks in a group or are they individually placed?  Also note the mood and atmosphere when you are interviewing. Are people happy and chatting? Is it silent with only the sound of keyboards clicking? This is obviously only a brief glimpse into what the day to day is like, and of course there are exceptions, but it will give you some idea.

Finally, when you go in for the interview, remember that first impressions are important not only for the interviewer but also for you as the interviewee. If the person interviewing you is going to be your direct manager, pay close attention, you may be able to glean some insight into their management style.  Note how you are greeted, the style of your interview, is it formal or more relaxed and friendly? Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer questions about the culture in the office, what your typical day will be or if you will be part of a team.

Use these tips to find the ideal environment for your happiness and your productivity. Think about your goals and your personality and make sure you think about whether you will align with the company. Remember, you need to make sure that you’re in the right environment for you to grow both personally and professionally. Happy culture hunting!

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Wearable Wednesday – FitBit


We’ve been bringing you Wearable Wednesday each week, discussing if wearable technology is sustainable for the masses and celebrating our favorite items and companies. With every stride towards progress comes that trial and error process. FitBit caught on quick, being one of the first wearable fitness trackers that was affordable and practical. But last winter the FitBit Force Wristband Tracker was recalled. 1.7% of users claimed they were breaking out in skin rashes in the area where the FitBit was worn. When the final numbers were tallied it translated to 9,900 people complaining of rashes and 250 detailing that they received blisters from the device.

When you spend $130 on a fitness tracker to get toned, the last thing you need is a rash getting in the way of your self-improvement. Understandably, people were upset. So what was the cause? The company itself stated it was the nickel found in the product, a known allergen. But scientifically speaking, nickel encased in stainless steel wouldn’t result in an allergenic effect. As of early March, people were still looking for answers to what caused the breakouts. Truth is, FitBit either doesn’t know or isn’t talking. In a recent ABC News report, FitBit declined questions as to the chemical makeup of their products and stated that they’re working on the recall with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Outside of the FitBit Force, the other FitBit models have caused no problems and appear safe to use. Should you want an alternative to the FitBit, we highly recommend the Nike + FuelBand, and for a sleek interface and the best technology, the Basis Carbon Steel Edition.

Have you had a bad experience with Wearable Technology? Comment here or Tweet us. #WearableWednesday

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Wearable Wednesday: CuteCircuit


Our Wearable Wednesday spotlight is on CuteCircuit. We discovered the London-based fashion house while at SXSW this year. They have been in the design business since 2004, and in 2010 became wearable tech pioneers, creating the first-ever wearable piece. Creative Director Francesca Rosella, and CEO Ryan Genz, the brains behind the outfits, launched CuteCircuit’s Prêt-á-Porter line bringing wearable tech to retailers. Four years later, pop star Katy Perry is rocking their designs for performances and on the red carpet and Nicole Scherzinger just wore the first dress to feature Tweets, designed by CuteCircuit. Each piece made by CuteCircuit is RoHS compliant. This means that there is no lead, Mercury or hazardous material in the designs.


The biggest challenge in wearable tech has been finding this emerging breed of “Fashion Technologists,” people who are tech savvy enough to understand how to integrate it into practical, wearable pieces. Wearable tech is useless unless it can be utilized by the masses. The genius behind it will never catch on unless it makes people’s lives easier. There’s a huge amount of responsibility on CuteCircuit being industry pioneers. Everyone is looking to see what they’ll do next. Sure, they’ve got pop stars sporting their looks, making technology look cool. But, people will be asking how wearable tech relates to them. Are you going to wear a dress that features live Twitter streams to your office? Maybe if you’re trying to rid the world of PowerPoint and create a new trend in delivering information in meetings. We’re looking forward to seeing what CuteCircuit does next. In the meantime we’ve picked this week’s CuteCircuit look for you! We’re looking forward to seeing what CuteCircuit does next.

Be the first wearable techie in the office with The Sparkle Jacket. You’ve spent your whole life dodging sequins because you don’t want to look like a disco ball. Now with CuteCircuit’s creation you can shine in the office without looking like a cabaret star, but the young, fresh professional you are. The technology works by combining an exclusive Italian fabric  and integrating hundreds of LEDs around the collar, creating a mesmerizing effect.

What’s your favorite piece in the line? What would you like to see made that would make your life easier in the world of wearable technology?

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Recruiters Reveal Part 2

The second part has arrived!

Laura Pellicano, Freelance Account Manager for our  Marketing, Interactive and Creative division, out of our New York City office, shares her inside tips in “Recruiters Reveal!

This time, Laura talks, “Preparing the Resume & Online Profile!” Make sure to check back in two weeks when she dives into “Navigating the Job Search.”

Each week you can leave your questions for Laura here or tweet them to us @24seventalent and on the next video we will be sure to answer them!

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