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Wearable Wednesday: CuteCircuit


Our Wearable Wednesday spotlight is on CuteCircuit. We discovered the London-based fashion house while at SXSW this year. They have been in the design business since 2004, and in 2010 became wearable tech pioneers, creating the first-ever wearable piece. Creative Director Francesca Rosella, and CEO Ryan Genz, the brains behind the outfits, launched CuteCircuit’s Prêt-á-Porter line bringing wearable tech to retailers. Four years later, pop star Katy Perry is rocking their designs for performances and on the red carpet and Nicole Scherzinger just wore the first dress to feature Tweets, designed by CuteCircuit. Each piece made by CuteCircuit is RoHS compliant. This means that there is no lead, Mercury or hazardous material in the designs.


The biggest challenge in wearable tech has been finding this emerging breed of “Fashion Technologists,” people who are tech savvy enough to understand how to integrate it into practical, wearable pieces. Wearable tech is useless unless it can be utilized by the masses. The genius behind it will never catch on unless it makes people’s lives easier. There’s a huge amount of responsibility on CuteCircuit being industry pioneers. Everyone is looking to see what they’ll do next. Sure, they’ve got pop stars sporting their looks, making technology look cool. But, people will be asking how wearable tech relates to them. Are you going to wear a dress that features live Twitter streams to your office? Maybe if you’re trying to rid the world of PowerPoint and create a new trend in delivering information in meetings. We’re looking forward to seeing what CuteCircuit does next. In the meantime we’ve picked this week’s CuteCircuit look for you! We’re looking forward to seeing what CuteCircuit does next.

Be the first wearable techie in the office with The Sparkle Jacket. You’ve spent your whole life dodging sequins because you don’t want to look like a disco ball. Now with CuteCircuit’s creation you can shine in the office without looking like a cabaret star, but the young, fresh professional you are. The technology works by combining an exclusive Italian fabric  and integrating hundreds of LEDs around the collar, creating a mesmerizing effect.

What’s your favorite piece in the line? What would you like to see made that would make your life easier in the world of wearable technology?

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Recruiters Reveal

Laura’s back with the newest segment of Recruiters Reveal: Navigating the Job Search!

“Finding a job is a full-time job.”

Laura’s inside perspective will help you get motivated to start your job search, offering her advice on what will help you cut through the clutter and get you noticed by hiring managers!

As always, please leave comments and questions for Laura below so she can address them in the next video!

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Recruiters Reveal Part 2

The second part has arrived!

Laura Pellicano, Freelance Account Manager for our  Marketing, Interactive and Creative division, out of our New York City office, shares her inside tips in “Recruiters Reveal!

This time, Laura talks, “Preparing the Resume & Online Profile!” Make sure to check back in two weeks when she dives into “Navigating the Job Search.”

Each week you can leave your questions for Laura here or tweet them to us @24seventalent and on the next video we will be sure to answer them!

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The Results are in!

This week in our Question of the Week [#QOW], we asked:

“Would you rather work freelance or full-time?”


We got a GREAT response but more than 70% of you said you would rather work full-time than freelance!

Some people absolutely love the freelance lifestyle, but it isn’t for everyone. We can understand that you would want some of the more traditional perks that come along with working full-time but freelance has it’s perks too.

Check out this article on #SocialHire for the Pros and Cons of the Freelance life!


As always, make sure to weigh in on our #QOW next week by visiting www.24seventalent.com on Monday!

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We asked…


“Do you have a planned out career map in mind or are you winging your journey?”

65% – Winging it.
35% – Planned out.

So many of you said you were winging your journey, which surprised us! I figured I’d be in the minority – but the fact is…any of you who said YES to an opportunity that came across which was seemingly attractive to you in your career has steered slightly off course. And that’s OKAY!

While I think you should have a basic frame-work with career goals set out for where you’d ultimately like to end up, so many people have arrived at great success “rolling with the punches” and saying YES to any opportunity that brought them closer to the end goal.

Plan your goals. Wing the journey.

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