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Black Friday is Coming!

coloredpresents_holidayNovember is here and the holiday season is officially underway. Lists of presents to buy are being made, Starbucks Holiday cups are back and the trends are in. The National Retail Federation reported that retail sales this holiday season are expected to rise 3.7% and consumers plan to spend an average of $805 on holiday merchandise, comparable to the $802 spent last year.  These numbers mean that retailers are optimistic to see holiday gains. With all of the steals and deals out there here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck.

According to The Center of Shopping, about 95% of Holiday Shoppers plan to make purchases in a physical store. Doing a little research online before venturing out there can help you ensure you don’t overpay for that perfect gift. If you are brave enough to fight off the masses this Black Friday, make sure you check out Blackfriday.com before you step foot in a store. This website compiles a list of all the Black Friday ads from various retailers and updates information as it becomes available.

If you’re planning to shop online, check price-comparison websites to guarantee you don’t spend more than you need to. Amazon is one of the best and continually turns up the lowest prices and the longest lists of results. Google Product Search is another option that provides a local shopping option to find stores near you. Price Grabber is our final recommendation that not only has a search option but will also show you weekly deals.

Once you find the product, before you purchase, do a quick online coupon search! We recommend checking out couponcabin.com, which has over 100,000 active coupons and deals. Retailmenot.com has coupon codes for 130,000 stores and a weekly email newsletter that features coupon codes from the site’s users considered to be the best.

Make sure you capitalize on free shipping! If it isn’t offered on the retailers website check out freeshipping.com which will help you with shipping but also give you cash back deals and the occasional coupon, what’s not to love about that?!

And if you’re like me and prefer to peruse the shops in pajamas from the comfort of your bed, then Cyber Monday is your favorite shopping day of the year! Cybermonday.com has deals not only on the day of, but also all year round with hourly updates.

General Tips:

  1. Make a list.
  2. Create a budget and stick to it!
  3. Research before you buy.
  4. Take advantage on any and all offers online and in-store!

Happy Shopping!




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Stop the Daily Grind and Recline this Labor Day Weekend


It’s no a secret that Americans don’t take advantage of their vacation days. A study by the U.S. Travel Association found that 4 out of 10 Americans aren’t going to use all of their vacation days this year. And for those who do utilize their days off, I’d hazard a guess that a vast majority are mentally in the office-checking emails and thinking about the work left behind. Studies show that this refusal to unplug can actually be harmful to your health.

The New York Times explains in a study on stress that a vacation or break is good for your physical health, as stress can take a serious toll on your heart. This study showed that human beings aren’t designed to expend energy continuously. We are meant to move between spending and recovering energy. So biologically, your brain and body need the break. Gregory Hickock from University of California Irvine said that our brains don’t have a way to preserve and pool energy. So when you refuse to unplug and recharge, you are on the path to burning yourself out. Taking a vacation is like pushing the reset button for our brain.

Besides mental and physical needs, vacations are also proven to increase productivity in the workplace. Whenworkers return to the office they are more likely to put a greater emphasis on the work they have to make up. Stepping away from the stress for a few days can also give you a new perspective when you come back to the office.  A break facilitates higher energy levels, creativity and fresh ideas when you return to the office.

So this Labor Day Weekend put down the phone, log off your email and kick those feet up. Your brain, and your boss, will thank you.

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More From 24 Seven’s Holiday Style Guide

These looks inspire you to sparkle at your office party to New Year’s and beyond!

We love this look as it’s party yet professional.

Dress 1

Image VIA


A classy pairing of glitter and lace.

Dress #2

Image VIA


It’s not easy for men’s fashion to be festive, but this candy cane tie satisfies.

Candy Cane

Image VIA


Another great men’s holiday look. Incorporate on-trend plaid with a bow tie and suit jacket!

Shirt 4

Image VIA


And men, do not be ashamed of the holiday sweater. These two gentlemen are nailing the look, pairing it with plaid pants and solid neutral tones.

Men's 5

Image VIA


Topping off our looks, the classic cashmere and pearls for the girls who don’t do glitter.

Look 6

Image VIA


Make this month count and enjoy yourself while you’re at it.


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It’s Holiday Office Party Season: Be the Toast of the Town, Not the Day-after Talk


Recent media stories have reported that along with hiring, companies are once again spending on holiday celebrations.  Here are some tips to shine at year-end events.

Yes, You Should Show Up

The email’s gone out announcing the time and place. Hmmm, you may be wondering, to attend or not?  Absolutely!  Not only is this an important “face time” moment, it’s also a chance to reinforce relationships with colleagues, meet people outside of your department, and show your support for the company team. Only really solid excuses and unchangeable, previous commitments trump an appearance at the year-end bash. Now, it’s time to…

Choose Your Outfit Wisely

While an extracurricular activity, this is still a professional event.  Sure, tasteful, festive dress is appropriate, but be sure to leave the club attire hanging in your bedroom closet.  If you’re unsure of the dress code, check with your manager or the HR department for advice. So, now that you’ve spiffed up, get ready to…


While hanging with your department buddies may feel most comfortable, the holiday party is a great place to catch up with the folks you interact with infrequently. Bump into someone you don’t recognize in the buffet line? Put on your warmest smile, introduce yourself, and make the effort to learn a bit about them, too. And, if you find yourself thrown together with the Big Boss, break out your most firm handshake and confident eye contact, but….

Keep It Light

This isn’t the time or place to bring up your desire for a promotion or raise, or ideas about what can be improved in the workplace. And for that matter, when you’re chatting anyone up at this event, remember to steer clear of notoriously off-limits divisive topics – like politics, religion and sports team rivalries (which for some qualify as the former).  Keep in mind that navigating social politesse is easier when you…

Know Your Limits

If you plan to partake in alcoholic beverages, spreading 2 drinks over a 2 hour period is a good idea. Whatever outfit you choose for the evening, ending up “The One” wearing a lampshade as a hat or twerking like Miley on the tabletop is not the way you want to be noticed.  Keep it classy and remember…

Social Media Is Not Your Friend

Unfortunately, cameras are all around us these days. The last thing you want is a momento of your evening making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine!  That applies to images and tweets you post of others.  The Internet is forever. And a hasty tweet or unfortunate photo might rear its ugly head when you least want it to – like at performance review time or a future job interview.  So, this is why it’s best to…

Know When to Go Home

Leave on a high note. Just as the first impression you make, the lasting impression is equally important.  And consider thanking the people who made the evening possible – the event team and the company leaders.  Even more reason to make sure you’re at your best when it’s time to say good night!

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