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Sound Off! Let us hear from you!


Last year, 4,000 professionals across the U.S. and Europe responded to our annual Job Market and Salary Survey, revealing that, while both salaries and hiring rates were on the rise, job satisfaction and loyalty among talent was at a four year low. Talent was motivated to make a career move, with 77% planning to do so that year. Digital talent was among those most in demand, and digital professionals were the most confident about their future.  Across sectors, among the biggest professional concerns for talent were career growth and having a clear path for advancement.

“Every year we look forward to the insights our survey reveals.  It often confirms theories we hold about the marketplace and the general hiring mood, but it also inevitably reveals surprising trends and findings,” said Celeste Gudas, CEO and Founder of 24 Seven, Inc.   “We have seen an increasingly active job market and we look forward to learning how this is playing out globally among job-seekers and those who hire them.”

Results of the 2014 Salary Survey will be released to participants in May 2014.  To participate, click here to access the survey, or visit: http://bit.ly/1m9lT8e.

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