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SXSW Interactive


If you’re headed to SXSW 2014, give us a shout! We’re packing and prepping as we type. We’ll be updating our Talent Thread with advice and most importantly, taco tips. We’ve got our eyes and ears on tech trends, inspirational thoughts, and your taste buds! If you’re looking for new career opportunities, or to really make a huge impression at your current job, here are the panels we recommend:

How Twitter Humorists Landed Real Work Gigs

How to Say ‘F no’ And Still Have Them Love You.

PlayStation: Data At The Speed Of Gaming

Obama & Beyond: Political Tech In Business.

Pimp Your Pitch.

Going Viral: Success V. Failure 

Beyond Ping Pong Tables: Building Better Companies.

I’ve Got Social Data, Now What? A Retailer’s Guide.

Nano Size Me: The Science of Small Talk.

Age Matters. Leverage It For Start-Up Success.

Business and Culture: How To Create Culture Envy

Entrepreneurial Women

Joan VS Don: Female Leadership At Digital Agencies.

BBC Presents: What If You Could Stay Young Forever.

Where Did All The Jobs Go?

Stay tuned, we’ll be back tomorrow with parties, lodging, and some inside tips!

Cowboy boots, on!

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Recruiters Reveal

Laura’s back with the newest segment of Recruiters Reveal: Nailing Your Interview!

“Make sure to ask qualified questions to show that you’ve done your background research.”

Laura gives us the important information on everything from preparation to follow-through.

As always, please leave comments and questions for Laura below so she can address them in the next video!

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