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SXSW Interactive


If you’re headed to SXSW 2014, give us a shout! We’re packing and prepping as we type. We’ll be updating our Talent Thread with advice and most importantly, taco tips. We’ve got our eyes and ears on tech trends, inspirational thoughts, and your taste buds! If you’re looking for new career opportunities, or to really make a huge impression at your current job, here are the panels we recommend:

How Twitter Humorists Landed Real Work Gigs

How to Say ‘F no’ And Still Have Them Love You.

PlayStation: Data At The Speed Of Gaming

Obama & Beyond: Political Tech In Business.

Pimp Your Pitch.

Going Viral: Success V. Failure 

Beyond Ping Pong Tables: Building Better Companies.

I’ve Got Social Data, Now What? A Retailer’s Guide.

Nano Size Me: The Science of Small Talk.

Age Matters. Leverage It For Start-Up Success.

Business and Culture: How To Create Culture Envy

Entrepreneurial Women

Joan VS Don: Female Leadership At Digital Agencies.

BBC Presents: What If You Could Stay Young Forever.

Where Did All The Jobs Go?

Stay tuned, we’ll be back tomorrow with parties, lodging, and some inside tips!

Cowboy boots, on!

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Recruiters Reveal

Laura’s back with the newest segment of Recruiters Reveal: Nailing Your Interview!

“Make sure to ask qualified questions to show that you’ve done your background research.”

Laura gives us the important information on everything from preparation to follow-through.

As always, please leave comments and questions for Laura below so she can address them in the next video!

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Tips For First Day Success

Fill in and bring with you all required forms.

If you received employment forms and benefit materials from Human Resources, make sure you bring them in completed, and have any additional documents that they’ve requested organized and ready to go.  The morning of your first day is not the time to be frantically wading through your personal files in search of your Social Security card.


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Counter Offers – Just Say No!

So, you just resigned. You feel the time has come for you to move on in your career, and have accepted an advantageous job offer at a new company. Congratulations!

Leave one job; start another. Pretty easy, right?

Not always.

Chances are, at one point in your career, you’ll be faced with a tough decision: The Counter Offer.

Hey, you’re a valued employee. Your boss wants to keep the top talent on-board! They’ll even dole out generous raises, promotions, a creatively tailored benefits package.  You start to second-guess your decision, rationalizing the poor offerings that made you look elsewhere in the first place. And the comfort of sticking with the devil you know rather than pushing through the discomfort of getting to know the devil you don’t can be extremely enticing. It might even seem impossible to say no.

But research shows that 85% of employees who accept a counter offer are gone within six months. Keep in mind the reasons below when faced with this hard choice:

1. You are delaying the inevitable. There are reasons that you are looking for a new position. Accepting a counter offer does not eliminate the dissatisfaction that you have been feeling.

2. Money isn’t everything. Often, the lure of a salary bump can cloud your judgment. Once this fades, the same issues will still be there. Keep this in mind in advance.

3. The trust has been broken. Once your employer knows that you have been looking, the trust has been broken. This can cause an uncomfortable work environment.

4. Burning bridges. Keep in mind that if you accept a counter, you are putting the company who extended the offer in a compromising position. They have to start their search over and could have negative feelings towards you.

5. Prepare for a drought. Do not expect another raise for a very long time. Also be prepared to be reminded about your salary increase, on a constant basis.

Check out the complete Counter Offer Tip Sheet for more advice on what to do in this tricky situation.


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Even if you’re not looking…

You should still keep in touch with a recruiter even if you are not actively seeking a new job. The perfect opportunity could come across that you may have never considered.

Here Michael talks about his experience working with one of our recruiters, Sean – and how Sean served as a career coach and partner in the process, rather than feeling like he was a warm body to fill a spot at a company that may not have been the perfect fit for his particular skillset.

Check our more of our Videos!

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