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The Results are in!

This week in our Question of the Week [#QOW], we asked:

“Would you rather work freelance or full-time?”


We got a GREAT response but more than 70% of you said you would rather work full-time than freelance!

Some people absolutely love the freelance lifestyle, but it isn’t for everyone. We can understand that you would want some of the more traditional perks that come along with working full-time but freelance has it’s perks too.

Check out this article on #SocialHire for the Pros and Cons of the Freelance life!


As always, make sure to weigh in on our #QOW next week by visiting www.24seventalent.com on Monday!

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How To Land Your Dream Job

Looking for a new job can be overwhelming.  Preparing for the interview can be even worse!  We have compiled a list of tools to help you land your dream job!

Here is a snapshot of the toolkit:

  • Resume Tips: How long should your resume be? What should you include? What format should you use?
  • Portfolio Tips: What should you showcase? Should you use an online portfolio?
  • Interview Tips: How early should you be? What should you ask? What should you wear?
  • Freelancer Tips: How can you prove that you take the job seriously? What can you do to extend the freelance gig?

Everything that you need to know to Land Your Dream is right here!


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