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Top 5 Skills to be a successful Coach/Leader

A huge part of being a successful leader is being a successful coach. With the work force constantly in flux, and talent restless and on the move, it is important to have strong leadership.  According to INC., strong listening skills are the number one component to being a great coach!  They listed out the top five keys to becoming a successful leader:

  1. Listen with Curiosity
  2. Take in What You Hear
  3. Reflect with Accuracy
  4. Questioning for Exploration
  5. Provide Feedback for Development

What makes you a successful leader?


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Confident or Humble?


“To get ahead, is it more important to be confident or humble?”

This week for our Question of the week, the vast majority of you said it was more important to be confident than humble in order to get ahead.  Hundreds of you weighed in and over 73% of you said confidence trumps humbleness.

We personally believe both are very important qualities! Confidence will allow others to give you the respect that you deserve – but it wouldn’t hurt to have a slice of “humble pie” every now and again…afterall, no one likes an OVERLY confident person. Find a way to be confident but also open to those around you.

What does it really take to succeed? Check out this great article we found on LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/Zk8DDJ.

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