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Learn More Spend Less:

Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)So you have your new job and so far it’s going well. However, as you get started you realize “Hey, I think I may be into learning how to code.” This is great! Coding is an in demand skill and you’re investing in yourself. You go! That being said you’re current position is as an administrative assistant and you have no idea how you’ll afford an entry level coding class. Before you hang up your coding hat and slink back to your job, check out some of the websites that we researched and found for you! Whether you want to learn graphic design or English composition, Not only will they teach you what you want to learn, they’re’ free! Here are our favorites:

  1. Cousera boasts over 1500 classes and 140 partners from colleges across the globe. All courses are offered for free, but there is an offer to pay a fee to sign up for the “Signature Track.” This option provides certificates when you complete the classes. The courses are approximately four to ten weeks long, with one to two hours of video lectures a week. Coursera offers a mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems.
  2. Code Academy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 9 different programming languages like Pytho, JavaPHPJavaScript (jQuery,AngularJS), and Ruby, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS. For people who want extra support, Codecademy also offers a subscription-based service called Codecademy Pro, which costs $20 a month and gives you an adviser and unit quizzes.
  3. EdX is made up of weekly learning experiences. Each exercise is composed of short videos broken up with interactive learning exercises. This allows for students to immediately practice the concepts from the videos. While EdX does offer certificates of successful completion, they do not offer course credit. Course credit is up to the sole discretion of the school. There are a variety of ways to take courses, including verified courses where students have the option to audit the course (no cost) or to work toward an edX Verified Certificate (fees vary by course).
  4. Digital Tutors, now Pluralsight states that it offers close to 4,000 courses in its catalog, has more than 750,000 individual subscribers and more than 6,000 corporate clients. The company has seen rapid growth in recent years, and has been named on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies, ranking the #9 Top Education Company.
  5. Skillshare’s courses focus more on interaction than lecturing, with the primary goal of learning by completing a project. The main categories of learning are creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and technology, with subtopics covering a myriad of skills. Skillshare offers a membership model, for $9.95 a month, as well as an open platform, where anyone can learn and anyone can teach. The Free Membership option gives learners the ability to watch a limited amount of class content each month at no cost.

It’s that time of year again! To weigh in on training and other company offerings at your organization, participate in our annual survey for your chance to win $500: CLICK HERE!

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5 Reasons We Should Be Taking Culture Fit Seriously

culture imageAt 24 Seven we ensure our clients and candidates will have lasting partnerships. We’ve outlined the five key characteristics to look for in a company. Finding the right culture fit takes time, but it’s the greatest investment you’ll make.

  1. Low Turnover:

When it comes to your interview, don’t be afraid to ask how long the previous person worked in that role. Ideally, you want to learn and grow in a position for at least two years. Joining a company with happy co-workers who are passionate about what they do will make you want to work harder.

  1. Great Training:

It’s also important to ask what kind of training programs the company offers. Learning a new skill not only raises your worth in the eyes of corporate America, but can give you a personal boost of self-confidence. If your company doesn’t offer the training that you are interested in don’t be discouraged, a quick Google search will lead you to online classes that you can take on your own.

  1. No Egos:

Remember, you’re interviewing a company as much as they’re interviewing you. Come to that meeting with a plan of action on how you could grow the position by working with others. You want to be in a culture where employees get praised and rewarded on a job well done. Steer clear of environments where workers are pitted against each other. You’ll find the best work you do will come from the help of others.

  1. Feedback’s a must! 

Ask: does this company stage reviews regularly? Or, possibly even more importantly, do these reviews allow the employee to give their advice on the pros and cons of the process? Always make sure when you’re giving feedback to your boss, to start with what’s working first. As for what’s not working, come with a thoughtful solution for making things better. Never finger point or cast blame on co-workers.

  1. Work-Life Balance:

One of the key components to work-life balance is management. Great managers know how to delegate, train and hire the best talent. Work-life balance means 8-9 hour days with a lunch break, two weeks plus paid vacation and PTO days. The occasional late night or weekend work is okay, and should be expected. Come to work focused and stay on task. If you find yourself in the office late every night, never be afraid to ask for help, especially if it’s known you’re taking on a lot!

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Overheard from Inbound:

IMG_1203Hubspot, the well known marketing software platform, kicked off its annual conference, Inbound, last week with the largest showing to date. Nearly 15,000 sales and marketing professionals attended the 4 daylong conference, held at the Massachusetts Convention Center in Boston. Inbound brings bright minds together to discuss the pillars and best practices of inbound marketing, a concept that Hubspot has built its enterprise on, as well as explore the future of the business climate. With the tagline “Come Together. Get Inspired. Be Remarkable.” there is a very strong sense of community at Inbound; the conference provides a unique opportunity to meet and network with peers, and learn from other professionals in the field. It’s also a really good time!

This year’s conference boasted an impressive array of speakers; from comedians Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer to the Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea Clinton, as well as entrepreneurs Sophia Amoruso (Founder of Nasty Gal) and Jonah Peretti (Co-Founder and CEO of BuzzFeed), to name a few. This year’s conference was definitely one for the books, but, for those of you who couldn’t make it, 24 Seven’s team has provided some exciting takeaways.

There was much to learn over the 170+ educational lectures, with topics ranging from “The 30 Minute Marketing Plan” to “How to be a Disaster on Twitter” but the seminar that resonated the most with our team was, Dr. Carmen Simon’s address “Neuroscience of Memorable Content”. Dr. Simon is a cognitive scientist and co-founder of Rexi Media, a company focused on educating businesses about different ways to transform presentations. Dr. Simon began her talk by unnerving the roughly 500 marketers in the room stating that, “People forget up to 90% of the content we share with them.” Essentially, our customers only remember about 10% of what we put in front of them.

In the marketing space, this statistic presents a huge issue and the question arises, how can we create something that WILL be remembered?

First you need to decide what you want the customer to walk away with. Develop the answer to this and you have the goal of your marketing agenda. Simon explained that attention paves the way for memory, so, when we pay attention to something, we commit it to memory, and we then make a decision.  We have to break through habituation, or the process of a diminished cognitive response to a frequently occurring stimulus, and get our audience’s attention. She pressed for attendees to remember that habituation kills marketing.

Modern audiences are overexposed to stimuli, with social media at every turn and numerous devices at our fingertips. How, then, can marketers make sure that audiences aren’t looking elsewhere? In order to ensure your brand is remembered, Dr. Simon stated, change the stimuli and add elements of surprise to keep things interesting. People forget things when there is too much similar content, so create some differentiation to ensure your story is the one that’s recalled. Simon noted that people are also more likely to remember something they have a personal connection to. Content that is interactive and evokes a reaction by involving the viewer will be more successful. Don’t overwhelm your audience, keep it simple.

Want more? Check out http://www.inbound.com/ for more information. Our team at 24 Seven hopes to see you there next year!IMG_1280

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5 Tips for Corporate Headshots


PicMonkey Collage11


by Michelle Kinney

24 Seven Photographer/Digital Media Specialist

So it’s time to update your business headshot. The grainy, cropped photo from Spring Break you’ve had up on LinkedIn doesn’t really represent your professional image these days.


A grainy, cropped photo of Michelle from college

Let’s face it – this is more than just a photo. A corporate headshot can be seen anywhere and everywhere from your company’s website, your LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Facebook…you name it!  It’s also a large part of the professional image (pun intended) you’re creating for yourself. We want our headshots to effortlessly say all the things about us that we want it to.

Do you find yourself puzzled as where to begin?

I’m here to help out with a few easy tips to get you started on your way to a great headshot you’ll love!

PicMonkey Collage33

Do Your Research

Sometimes your employer will provide you with a photographer for your official company photo. But when it comes to a corporate headshot that you will use across multiple media platforms, you’ll want to find your own photographer. Ask around to friends and colleagues to see who they have enjoyed working with. Do some online searches and spend time scrolling through professional portfolios. Whomever you hire, make sure you like their work! Most importantly, try to meet your photographer ahead of time. You want to vibe with a photographer that makes you feel comfortable! Which brings me to #2…


Breath is life, so take a deep breath and RELAX! It’s nerve-racking, I get it! Before becoming a photographer, I was a professional singer for many years and I could never get used to having my photo taken. Odd but true. “I’m all dressed up, standing on a street corner, trying to smile and look natural. But nothing about this feels natural!”  I often will ask a client to make a funny face and do 10 jumping jacks to get started. It helps them to calm down and release any body tension. Whatever works!

View More: http://michellekinneyphotography.pass.us/24-seven-headshots

I love this shot of Kerin. She looks relaxed, friendly, approachable, and professional. Fantastic!


The headshot is all about your face, so it’s important not distract from the best part of you. Wear something that looks great and feels great — usually they are one and the same.  Solid jewel tones are your friends! They flatter any and all skin tones and look fantastic on camera. Busy patterns can often be distracting and look a bit dated. Try to keep the jewelry basic and the necklines simple.

View More: http://michellekinneyphotography.pass.us/24-seven-headshots

The perfect green jewel tone and necklace. So flattering!

Whatever the choice, make sure it fits well. A common mistake can be to wear a jacket that is slightly too large or small which can be quite noticeable on camera.

Joe’s jacket fits him perfectly! Great shot!

Make Sure Your Photo Looks Like You

I think the goal of a corporate headshot is to look friendly and approachable. You want to look like yourself on your best day, but not look like you tried too hard.  When I think of “trying too hard,” I picture glamour shots.


Glamour Shot / Photo via http://www.thechive.com

 So let’s take a minute to collectively giggle and agree it’s best to keep it simple! For women I suggest to wear your hair as you would to a job interview. Feel free to splurge on a blowout! Keep the same idea in mind when applying makeup, just add a tad more than usual to stand up against the camera. Also, try not to cut or dye your hair right before the shoot.  Give it at least a week or so.  For the gentlemen, bring some oil sheets like Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Oil Sheets to help with shine. A little translucent powder helps too! A little touch up here and there in Photoshop is great, but overall it’s good to keep airbrushing to a minimum.

PicMonkey Collage321323

 Strike a Pose

If your photographer is shorter than you, politely suggest they stand on a step stool. I am 5 feet tall — exactly. I’d say the majority of my clients are much taller than I am so I make sure to carry a portable step stool with me on all shoots. Photographing someone from a slightly higher angle is always most flattering!  Be aware of your chin as well. Slightly forward and slightly down is just the ticket!

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5 Awesome Apps to Download This Week

Looking to download some great new apps for your smartphone? We’ve done our research, so look no further! If you’re doing some smartphone spring cleaning, be sure to make room for these awesome apps!

Soul Cycle

At last! SOUL CYCLE HAS AN APP!  As any avid Soul Cycle rider may know, the wait for an app was a long one. Tap and swipe to search for a nearby studio, favorite instructor, and reserve your favorite bike! Thank you Soul Cycle, we’ll be tappin’ it back with you soon!



With the growing popularity of gluten free menu options, and vegetable “pasta”, Ali Maffucci founded Inspiralized Blog. Her mission? To make creative, delicious and nutritious meals by transforming vegetables into “pasta” using a vegetable spiralizer.  Ms. Maffucci and Inspiralized.com are the definitive resource for cooking with a spiralizer. In addition to her blog and recently published cookbook, Inspiralized has an app! Perfect for anyone looking to make healthy meals at home, and great as a grocery shopping resource!  The app also includes featured recipes with gorgeous photos, and user friendly ingredient searches!

Inspiralized Blog




It was only a matter of time until HBO joined the ranks of Hulu Plus and Netflix to offer a monthly subscription service. With more and more people cutting the cord and opting out of cable subscriptions, this is the perfect way to enjoy the excellent programming HBO has to offer.  Award winning shows like Game of Thrones, VEEP, and endless documentaries like The Jinx at our fingertips for only $14.99 a month? Yes please!




Ever been on a road trip and had to rely on billboards to find the next rest stop to walk your dog or grab a bite to eat — only to find that no pets are not allowed and the Starbucks has been turned into an oil change station? Frustrating. How awesome would it be to never rely on highway and billboard signs again? Look no further than iExit!  iExit uses a smartphone’s location to determine where a user is located on the interstate and then displays upcoming exits and businesses without the press of a button. Its powerful search engine allows users to filter upcoming exits by whatever they’re looking for, whether that’s for a business, an amenity, or a location. The Search experience has been completely rethought in it’s latest update and comes with 25 “preset searches” designed to quickly address common road trip needs.



Sleep Cycle

Mornings can be a drag. Sometimes no matter how much sleep we get, waking up can feel just plain terrible! We’ve tried Sleep Cycle and we love the results! And you don’t have to take our word for it, it’s been featured in CNN, Wired, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, The New York Times and many more.  Place your smartphone under your pillow and the app actually monitors your movement during sleep using the extremely sensitive accelerometer in your phone.  Sleep Cycle then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time. Amazing! Waking up the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. Two thumbs up!


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