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5 Ways to Overcome A Case of the Mondays


Via Huffington Post

via : Huffington Post

It’s Monday. Ugh. Whether you spent the weekend playing frisbee in Central Park, carting your kids to soccer practice, singing your heart out at karaoke, or on the edge of your seat watching The Masters Tournament (Go Jordan!), Mondays can be a real drag. You can hear the collective yawns and sighs from every cubicle in the office.

It begins the moment your morning alarm sounds.  You roll over, hit snooze, and groan.

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Not to worry, we have you covered!


Here are 5 sure fire ways to overcome a Case of the Mondays! 

1. Sleep. The same sleep schedule all week will help you feel rested and healthy. It’s important to avoid sleeping in or staying up too late on the weekend. Be sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour on Sunday evening. You’ll be thanking yourself come Monday morning! Being tired can only add stress to an already hectic morning.


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2. Breakfast.  Since childhood we’ve heard it a million times.  “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Well, Mom was right. “Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast – that’s where its name originates, breaking the fast!  Without breakfast you are effectively running on empty, like trying to start the car with no petrol!” (via ShakeUpYourWakeUp)


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3. Exercise. Whether it’s a quick jog on the treadmill or a heart pumping class at Soul Cycle, make time in your life to get movin! Exercise makes us feel good and gives us endorphins. Endorphins fight stress and help us to feel happier!


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4. Treat yourself!  If coffee is your thing, don’t feel ashamed to grab that extra latte. You’re allowed some extra caffeine, it’s Monday after all and you deserve it! Spring weather calls for Starbucks Cold Brew to zap you out of the 3 o’clock Monday slump.


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5. Weeknight Plans.  Why live for the weekend when you can live for weeknights too? Happy hour with old college pals, tickets to a movie you’ve been dying to see,  a baseball game, or maybe try that Paint Nite you’ve been hearing so much about. Sometimes fun weeknight plans are all we need to get through a Case of the Mondays.



Chin up, it’s almost Tuesday!


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Raise Your ‘Office Mood’

It doesn’t matter you’re not making a million (yet) or even that you’re not working out of your dream city. Make the most of what you’ve got today. It can be as basic as cheering up your desk.



Color goes a long way on a sunny or grey day.



It’s pretty easy to buy flowers to perk up your day. Plus, a DIY vase project makes your mood even prettier.



If you can, paint the walls. This is a basic design, but you can go big. This artist also painted the chair. Little things make a big happy difference.



Sometimes a relatable mantra is a remarkable thing to fuel you. By Weiden & Kennedy.



If you can get your bosses to pitch in and do what Neos Creative, did here, then kudos. It takes some planning and Saturdays, but you can’t have a bad meeting with vibrant graphics surrounding your space.



This is was done by an interior designer, but one of our candidates is replicating it on her own, DIY-style for her home office. She’s using wood found at secondhand furniture stores.


What makes your interior work space special? Share it with us!

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The Most Inspiring Office Spaces

Our office interior series is making a comeback. We’ve decided these looks are setting the bar most company owners should aspire to. And we’re giving you the go to start improving your company’s environment. DIY projects can brighten up your desk and your day.

Never disappointing, Google’s got a way of going through presentations.


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This marketing agency knows it can’t get away with beige carpets.

Marketing agency

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Working so much you’re slacking on your fitness? No more excuses says this Turkey-based dot com.

Fitness track

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We’ve shown you the possibility of tree house offices before, and here’s another one located in Pennsylvania, complete with tranquil pools.

Tree House

Image VIA


The OC-based Quicksilver has it’s employees living its brand.


Image VIA


This Toronto-based digital communications agency uses air streams for specific meeting purposes throughout its office.

Air Stream

Image VIA


Have you got an inspirational office? Let us know and we’ll include you in the next post!

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