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The Results are in!

This week in our Question of the Week [#QOW], we asked:

“Would you rather work freelance or full-time?”


We got a GREAT response but more than 70% of you said you would rather work full-time than freelance!

Some people absolutely love the freelance lifestyle, but it isn’t for everyone. We can understand that you would want some of the more traditional perks that come along with working full-time but freelance has it’s perks too.

Check out this article on #SocialHire for the Pros and Cons of the Freelance life!


As always, make sure to weigh in on our #QOW next week by visiting www.24seventalent.com on Monday!

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Is your job letting you down?



In our Question of the Week [#QOW] we asked:

Is your current job meeting your expectations, exceeding your expectations, or a let down?

Hundreds of you weighed in and reported that 63% of you were let down by your current job – with only 9% of respondents holding a job they think is surpassing expectations!

Perhaps our hopes are too high? Does your job meet your expectations for the role as you envisioned it or does it fall short? Let us know!

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Collaboration or Roadblock?

This week we asked: [#QOW]

Is email a collaboration tool or a collaboration roadblock?


Over 77% of you said that email was a great collaboration tool rather than a roadblock. Email allows us to communicate more quickly to our team either remotely or while in the office. It’s a great way to bounce ideas off one another.

Since the adoption of Mobile/Smartphones, we have our email in our pocket! Most of us are more connected than ever before – whether we want to be…or not.

Are you happy to be plugged in?

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Catered Lunches?

This week we asked:

Would you be willing to forego an independent lunch hour if your company provided lunch but required you to stay in and eat with your colleagues at an appointed time? [#QOW]

70% of you answered YES!


The appeal for a working lunch was overwhelming! Perhaps more companies should consider providing lunch for its employees to see productivity go up during the work day. Adding the extra time could greatly improve the workflow with less creativity gaps.

Does your company provide lunch? Do you feel it is effective? Let us know!


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Idealism is dead?

Question of the Week [#QOW]


This week we asked:

Are you as idealistic about your industry today as you were when you first started out?

64% of you said that you are NOT as idealistic about your industry as you were when you started!

Are we overly optimistic when we enter into a new job or industry? Why is it that we become so easily disillusioned? Let us know what you think!

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