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5 Reasons We Should Be Taking Culture Fit Seriously

culture imageAt 24 Seven we ensure our clients and candidates will have lasting partnerships. We’ve outlined the five key characteristics to look for in a company. Finding the right culture fit takes time, but it’s the greatest investment you’ll make.

  1. Low Turnover:

When it comes to your interview, don’t be afraid to ask how long the previous person worked in that role. Ideally, you want to learn and grow in a position for at least two years. Joining a company with happy co-workers who are passionate about what they do will make you want to work harder.

  1. Great Training:

It’s also important to ask what kind of training programs the company offers. Learning a new skill not only raises your worth in the eyes of corporate America, but can give you a personal boost of self-confidence. If your company doesn’t offer the training that you are interested in don’t be discouraged, a quick Google search will lead you to online classes that you can take on your own.

  1. No Egos:

Remember, you’re interviewing a company as much as they’re interviewing you. Come to that meeting with a plan of action on how you could grow the position by working with others. You want to be in a culture where employees get praised and rewarded on a job well done. Steer clear of environments where workers are pitted against each other. You’ll find the best work you do will come from the help of others.

  1. Feedback’s a must! 

Ask: does this company stage reviews regularly? Or, possibly even more importantly, do these reviews allow the employee to give their advice on the pros and cons of the process? Always make sure when you’re giving feedback to your boss, to start with what’s working first. As for what’s not working, come with a thoughtful solution for making things better. Never finger point or cast blame on co-workers.

  1. Work-Life Balance:

One of the key components to work-life balance is management. Great managers know how to delegate, train and hire the best talent. Work-life balance means 8-9 hour days with a lunch break, two weeks plus paid vacation and PTO days. The occasional late night or weekend work is okay, and should be expected. Come to work focused and stay on task. If you find yourself in the office late every night, never be afraid to ask for help, especially if it’s known you’re taking on a lot!

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The Most Affordable Wearable Tech, Just For You


Amazon has created a section just for Wearables. The retail giant is positioning itself as the go-to for introducing new wearables that pop on the market. It’s design is to have you look at Amazon as the one-stop shop for wearable tech. Will they be successful at aggregating the market so we don’t have to? Time will tell. To set the precedence, Amazon inked a deal to be the only place you can pre-order the Misfit Bloom Necklace, a piece of jewelry that works in conjunction with the Misfit Shine: Fitness Tracker. It appears that retailers and tech companies are sold on wearables taking off, but only 15% of consumers polled said they are sporting them. High prices, not an unwillingness to evolve remain the biggest obstacle.

Knowing that, we’ve curated a list of four of the most affordable wearables on the market for you to check out:

The Kite Patch: You may be thinking “Oh, come on, we want an iWatch.” Sure you do. But, do you enjoy walking in the burbs and being eaten alive? Whether you’re a camper or not, you’re going to attend at least one backyard BBQ this summer. The Kite Patch makes you undetectable to mosquitos for up to 48 hours. No red itching bumps. Just $10.

Geek Chic T-shirts: The most useful of the pack is a wifi-detector tee. Especially if you’re traveling, you’ll be the most useful person on your team.

The FitBit Zip: Itty bitty and counts all your calories for a fraction of the price. If you want to get in shape on a budget, this is the tracker for you. Plus, it’s impossible to get a rash from this model.

Cuff: The unisex jewelry does run up to $150, but you can get cheaper pieces starting at $30. The design is excellent and the purpose, to alert a loved one if you’re in danger, is a great function.

We’ll be back next Wearable Wednesday with “What Not To Wearable.” In the meantime: Tweet us your thoughts on the most affordable technology.

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Wearable Wednesday – FitBit


We’ve been bringing you Wearable Wednesday each week, discussing if wearable technology is sustainable for the masses and celebrating our favorite items and companies. With every stride towards progress comes that trial and error process. FitBit caught on quick, being one of the first wearable fitness trackers that was affordable and practical. But last winter the FitBit Force Wristband Tracker was recalled. 1.7% of users claimed they were breaking out in skin rashes in the area where the FitBit was worn. When the final numbers were tallied it translated to 9,900 people complaining of rashes and 250 detailing that they received blisters from the device.

When you spend $130 on a fitness tracker to get toned, the last thing you need is a rash getting in the way of your self-improvement. Understandably, people were upset. So what was the cause? The company itself stated it was the nickel found in the product, a known allergen. But scientifically speaking, nickel encased in stainless steel wouldn’t result in an allergenic effect. As of early March, people were still looking for answers to what caused the breakouts. Truth is, FitBit either doesn’t know or isn’t talking. In a recent ABC News report, FitBit declined questions as to the chemical makeup of their products and stated that they’re working on the recall with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Outside of the FitBit Force, the other FitBit models have caused no problems and appear safe to use. Should you want an alternative to the FitBit, we highly recommend the Nike + FuelBand, and for a sleek interface and the best technology, the Basis Carbon Steel Edition.

Have you had a bad experience with Wearable Technology? Comment here or Tweet us. #WearableWednesday

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Wearable Wednesday!

We’ve been keeping our eyes out for the latest in Wearable Tech. We’re not trend spotting, but alerting our candidates, clients and other readers to useful gadgets that serve to enhance their lives. This week some great ones caught our attention.


1. OMsignal is wearable tech’s gift to hypochondriacs. Embedded sensors monitor your breathing and heart rate and send real-time reports to your mobile. It also has a climate control function where the user is able to stay cool in warmer temps. I’m sure we can all think of someone that this would be a perfect gift for!

2. Walking Hotspot that doubles as a music library! It’s called the “BB.Suit” for anyone willing to rock a onesie in public.

3. Glofaster is affordable, battery charged and designed to alert runners if they’re achieving their desired pace and goals all while signaling oncoming traffic that you’re on the road. Its functionality is to keep you safe and help you exceed your pace; this is a perfect example of where wearable tech is headed.

4. Studio Roosegaarde a company that created a look called “Intimacy 2.0”, made from foil that becomes transparent when the user’s heartbeat races. It’s not something you want to wear on a run in the park, but let’s just say you can make quite the sexy techie impression on someone in private. Like all good ideas, the company is busy creating the 3.0 version.

5. Pawda is a device that’s on our radar and is still getting funding. It’s for, as you may have guessed, your beloved BFF who walks on all fours. Designed to attach easily to your pet’s collar, it tracks your hound with GPS, so you can never loose sight.

Stay tuned for next week’s Wearable Wednesday where we focus on bringing you affordable, practical tech you can wear.

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