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Internet Week New York : 24 Seven’s Top Picks


Photo : Michelle Kinney

Over the past several days, members of the 24 Seven Talent team attended Internet Week New York.  We sat in on many panels and fireside chats led by professionals from a broad spectrum of industries.  Technology, mobile, advertising, government, television, film, recruiting — you name it.  From big data, social media, women in tech, wellness in the workplace, and digital surveillance — there were a myriad of discussions about how far we have come, where we are today, and what our future may look like.

We were lucky enough to absorb an abundance of information at Internet Week New York 2015. So we wanted to share some of the wisdom with our 24 Seven Talent Thread readers.

Here is a list of our favorite moments from Internet Week New York 2015 :

Nate Silver in Conversation with NY1’s Pat Kiernan

From NY1 to FiveThirtyEight and numbers in between, Pat Kiernan and Nate Silver discussed how the explosion of available data has impacted journalism – not only how stories are being told but what stories are being told. (Via IWNY)


“Homepage traffic is flat. People aren’t going through the front door.”  Nate Silver (FiveThirtyEight) on the importance of social media and site traffic. | (Photo : Michelle Kinney)


“Treating the reader as an intelligent individual is important to us.” Nate Silver (FiveThirtyEight) | (Photo : Michelle Kinney)


#Rokertalk: Weather Gets Digital with TODAY’s Al Roker

Host and weatherman of NBC’s Today Show, Al Roker sat down with Mashable Science Editor Andrew Freedman for a wide-ranging chat about the impact of digital innovation on weather forecasting, his passion for apps, and how digital tools are enhancing his personal brand. (Via IWNY)


“Just because it’s on the Internet, it doesn’t mean it’s true.” – Al Roker |  Photo : Michelle Kinney

"I think twitter, is the most significant tool. Not just for weather, but for real-time information to verify a forecast." - Al Roker | Photo : Michelle Kinney

“I think Twitter is the most significant tool. Not just for weather, but for real-time information to verify a forecast.” – Al Roker | Photo : Michelle Kinney


“The worst thing you can do is read the comments section.” – Andrew Freedman talks about the topic of climate change on social media. | Photo: Michelle Kinney


Protecting the Digital Self in the Age of Surveillance

Nuala O’Connor President and CEO, Center for Democracy and Technology gave a presentation about how to protect the “digital self,”  and how we must develop an approach that carefully balances law, policy, and individual choice. (Via IWNY)

"There has never been a moment in history that has influenced self-expression like the Internet." - Nuala O'Connor | Photo : Michelle Kinney

“There has never been a moment in history that has influenced self-expression like the Internet.” – Nuala O’Connor | Photo : Michelle Kinney


The Workplace Experience : Inspiring Talent Today and Tomorrow

Recruiting the best and brightest talent—and retaining them—goes far beyond a competitive salary and a strong benefits package. An innovative workspace can boost employee happiness, too. Inspiration by the forward-thinking spaces today’s most forward-thinking companies have designed to inspire creativity among employees. (Via IWNY)

"The office needs to feel like home for hundreds of people & its important to give them a diverse environment." Noa Santos (Co-Founder, HomePolish)  | Photo : Michelle Kinney

“The office needs to feel like home for hundreds of people & its important to give them a diverse environment.” Noa Santos (Co-Founder, HomePolish) | Photo : Michelle Kinney

"What we're seeing more of is the idea of activity based work environments." Lenny Beaudoin (Senior Managing Director, Workplace Strategy, CBRE)  | Photo : Michelle Kinney

“What we’re seeing more of is the idea of activity based work environments.” Lenny Beaudoin (Senior Managing Director, Workplace Strategy, CBRE) | Photo : Michelle Kinney


To Lean or Not to Lean?

Empowering Women to Challenge the Gender Gap

Today, a mere 27 percent of technology jobs are held by women. While there’s talk around the issue, action must be taken now. Our community needs to ask not why, but how can we make this change. This was a lively panel discussion at Internet Week, focused on how we can challenge the norm, influence change, and shape future opportunities for women in the tech industry. (Via IWNY)


“Driving a change is going to be through people like us having conversations like this. All of us encouraging the next generation. We need some heroes!” Shenan Reed (President, Digital, MEC) | Photo : Michelle Kinney


“You don’t have to study computer science to work in technology.” Nicole Ellis (Manging Director, Solutions, Teach for America) | Photo : Michelle Kinney


“The only reason I did it was to make a difference.” Ari Horie (Founder/CEO, Women’s Startup Lab) on overcoming stage fright to be a female keynote speaker at SXSW. | Photo : Michelle Kinney


Communicating with #CocoRocha

The world of technology has transformed just about every aspect of our lives and fashion is no exception. Supermodel social media savant Coco Rocha communicates with her audience, with a world of poses in her arsenal. (Via IWNY)


“Thirteen years ago you were supposed to know me for my cheekbones, not my personality.” Coco Rocha talks about modeling before social media. | Photo : Michelle Kinney


“When I first started playing with social media I was told, ‘don’t!’ – Coco Rocha | Photo : Michelle Kinney


Chelsea Clinton in conversation with Ben Fry

Chelsea Clinton and Ben Fry (Founder , co-founder ,) discussed the recently released findings of the No Ceilings Full Participation Report , which compiles and analyzes data from more than 190 countries to identify the progress women and girls have made over the last twenty years, and the gaps that still remain. (Via IWNY)


“Progress cannot be mistaken for success.” Chelsea Clinton | Photo : Michelle Kinney


“The United States is one of nine countries worldwide that does not have paid maternity leave.” Ben Fry | Photo : Michelle Kinney


“It’s important to have humility and realize we still have work to do in our own country.” Chelsea Clinton | Photo : Michelle Kinney

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It’s Holiday Office Party Season: Be the Toast of the Town, Not the Day-after Talk


Recent media stories have reported that along with hiring, companies are once again spending on holiday celebrations.  Here are some tips to shine at year-end events.

Yes, You Should Show Up

The email’s gone out announcing the time and place. Hmmm, you may be wondering, to attend or not?  Absolutely!  Not only is this an important “face time” moment, it’s also a chance to reinforce relationships with colleagues, meet people outside of your department, and show your support for the company team. Only really solid excuses and unchangeable, previous commitments trump an appearance at the year-end bash. Now, it’s time to…

Choose Your Outfit Wisely

While an extracurricular activity, this is still a professional event.  Sure, tasteful, festive dress is appropriate, but be sure to leave the club attire hanging in your bedroom closet.  If you’re unsure of the dress code, check with your manager or the HR department for advice. So, now that you’ve spiffed up, get ready to…


While hanging with your department buddies may feel most comfortable, the holiday party is a great place to catch up with the folks you interact with infrequently. Bump into someone you don’t recognize in the buffet line? Put on your warmest smile, introduce yourself, and make the effort to learn a bit about them, too. And, if you find yourself thrown together with the Big Boss, break out your most firm handshake and confident eye contact, but….

Keep It Light

This isn’t the time or place to bring up your desire for a promotion or raise, or ideas about what can be improved in the workplace. And for that matter, when you’re chatting anyone up at this event, remember to steer clear of notoriously off-limits divisive topics – like politics, religion and sports team rivalries (which for some qualify as the former).  Keep in mind that navigating social politesse is easier when you…

Know Your Limits

If you plan to partake in alcoholic beverages, spreading 2 drinks over a 2 hour period is a good idea. Whatever outfit you choose for the evening, ending up “The One” wearing a lampshade as a hat or twerking like Miley on the tabletop is not the way you want to be noticed.  Keep it classy and remember…

Social Media Is Not Your Friend

Unfortunately, cameras are all around us these days. The last thing you want is a momento of your evening making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vine!  That applies to images and tweets you post of others.  The Internet is forever. And a hasty tweet or unfortunate photo might rear its ugly head when you least want it to – like at performance review time or a future job interview.  So, this is why it’s best to…

Know When to Go Home

Leave on a high note. Just as the first impression you make, the lasting impression is equally important.  And consider thanking the people who made the evening possible – the event team and the company leaders.  Even more reason to make sure you’re at your best when it’s time to say good night!

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Overheard at WWD Digital L.A.

“What is your Lo-Fi content strategy approach?” –Rachel Tipograph (Global Director, Digital & Social Media, Gap)

  • Hi-Fi vs. Lo-Fi Content (or, traditional advertising with mass appeal vs. content designed for independent networks, commonly created via an iPhone).
  • As a brand, take your best social content and utilize it to create Hi-Fi content (ie: banner ads).
  • Diversify! Pool resources and combine different forms of content creation.
  • Insider Fact: 70% of Gap’s Lo-Fi content receives higher engagement than Hi-Fi content.


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Top 5 Social Media Trends In Retail

emilyGuest post by Emily Heintz

Last month I attended RECon, the largest annual convention for the shopping center industry. What a success! In addition to the great location (Vegas, baby!), RECon offered a wealth of educational sessions addressing every component of retail real estate – from sustainable lighting to strategic growth planning.

I’d like to share my key takeaways from the “Modern Consumer” seminar, presented by Randi Zuckerberg, Founder & Creative Director of Zuckerberg Media.

1. Luxury on Demand
From Uber to RenttheRunway, everyone can experience the luxury lifestyle with just a tap on their smartphone.

2. The Rise of the Entre-ployees
More and more, companies are striving to create entrepreneurial experience at work. They are crafting environments that allow employees to balance day-to-day tasks with a good dose of in-office time devoted to pursuing new ideas. Creativity is king!

3. Hiring Trend: Community Managers
Combining social marketing and customer service, there is a growing demand for Social Media / Community Managers (we’re seeing this first-hand at 24 Seven). A community manager uses social media tools to embrace the brand’s customers in a more personal, informal nature. After all, customer loyalty relies so much on what the brand “says” to the consumer. What better way for a brand to communicate personality than by personal communication.

4. The Gamification of Everything
If it’s not interactive, it’s not a true retail experience. Apps are dominating the way we do business, and the most successful companies are riding the wave. Have some fun and check out Ibotta. Snooze, Gymshamer, and Nike’s Cheer Me On.

5. Peer Pricing
Need to return a gift but don’t have the time? Log onto TaskRabbit and pay someone to run errands for you. Want some extra cash for that idea you’ve been dreaming up? Submit it to Quirky! If it generates enough “likes,” they’ll produce it for you. Need a logo or want to bid on a design project? Check out 99 Designs. Industry-markup free.

About the author:

Emily Heintz is 24 Seven’s Luxury Retail Senior Business Development Manager, creating custom talent management solutions for global luxury brands and international retailers. In her spare time, she teaches fashion marketing and business classes at LIM, the Art Institute and Fremont College. Follow Emily on Twitter @NYRetailista.

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This week…


We asked if you ever posted anything on social media that became an embarrassment or problem for you professionally…hundreds of you let us know.  Over 95% of you said NO you’ve never posted something that led to a professional embarrassment.

We are so happy you’re using your judgment when interacting on your social networks but not everyone is so savvy. The people in this video made by DICE weren’t so lucky – check out these great social media FAIL stories and tell us what you think!

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