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Career Mapping

The third installment of our newest series! 

In this segment, Andrei Najjar – Vice President of Brand Marketing + Strategy, Junk Food Clothing, sits with us to take us on his career journey. Where did he start? Where is he going? How did he navigate the path.

Watch to find out!

Next Wednesday, join us for the first part of our series, Fashion In a Digital World!

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder


In our Question of the Week, this week, we asked, “Should you work less or more as you climb higher on the corporate ladder?”

The overwhelming majority, at just over 75% said that you should work MORE as you climb the corporate ladder, rather than working LESS.

The way you work will change as you progress in your career. You’ll begin to work smarter. But as you become more and more successful – the conversations become more and more strategic. Just because your role focuses less on the day to day duties does not mean that you are working any less.

Every brand needs visionaries.


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