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Wellness in the Workplace : 3 Ways To Find Your “Ohm”

No matter how relaxed you felt after yoga class last night, its benefits may have worn off by the time you walked into work this morning.

It’s important that we take time for ourselves during the day to decompress, relax, and hit the reset button. Not only is it good for your health and well being, you’ll actually become more productive!

Here are three ways to find your “Ohm” during the workday!

1. Take a Walk Through A Public Park


Washington Square Park, New York City | Photo : Michelle Kinney


Incorporating a 10-15 minute walk into you workday may be just what you need! Why not take a stroll through a nearby public park? The fresh air, green grass, fountains, and calming energy is a perfect way to recharge your batteries and prepare you for the rest of your workday.

2. Kick Back at a Nearby Hotel Lobby


The Roosevelt Hotel : New York City | Photo : http://www.theroosevelthotel.com


Hotel lobbies are a great place to kick back and take a breather. They are usually full of comfy couches and chairs, and lots of folks who are on vacation. So take a deep breath, let go of your worries, and sink into a big comfy arm chair! Make that hotel lobby into your own mini-staycation right in the middle of your workday.

3. Meditate with Muse : The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse is a great gadget we learned about at Internet Week New York — and we love it!


The best part is that you take Muse with you and find your “Ohm” anywhere you go! Muse: the brain sensing headband is a brain fitness tool that measures brain signals much like a heart rate monitor senses your heartbeat. Muse is the mental equivalent of a treadmill, which helps you exercise your brain with focused attention training.

It improves your attention by training you to become aware of your distractions quicker and react faster to regain focus on what you’re doing.  All you have to do is download the app and connect the Muse headband, take the tutorial, calibrate, perform a guided exercise, and see your results.  (VIA Choosemuse.com)

To learn more about Muse : The Brain Sensing Headband for your workplace, visit www.choosemuse.com !

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